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Mozilla Open Leaders

OL7 Mentors & Experts

These are the volunteer mentors and experts for Open Leaders 7.


Each OL7 project is assigned a personal mentor. Mentors meet with projects every two weeks during the program.

Design Researcher. User-processes designer. Working at the intersection of participatory approaches and pluriversal design conceptions.

Exploring the world with different lenses!

Hi! I'm Saskia. My work centers on creative learning, creative computing, & AI robotics.

Sean founded Yale Privacy Lab and is a lecturer at Yale Law School with expertise in cybersecurity, privacy, and mobile device forensics.

Thomas Sithole is a Zimbabwean NGO leader with experience in advocating for communication rights and open, accessible and healthy internet

Diwanshi Pandey

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Diwanshi is a Full Stack Software Engineer @ RedHat & a Mozilla Tech Speaker and enjoys telling people about WASM and Rust, JS, UI/UX.

Graduate lawyer, Co-founder/VP-Internet Yetu, Co-Organiser,Netsquared Nairobi. Interested in digital rights and digital inclusion.

I'm a designer based in the Canadian Far North currently working at Ushahidi on FOSS for crisis response and humanitarian work.

Nate is an evangelist who connects people, ideas, and technologies to make things better.

Physicist and Developer currently based in Berlin

Developer, Maker, Youtuber.

#FLOSS Advocate 📢 | D&I and Community 💙 | Open Source Diversity 🌼| Feminist 🙋 | she/her

Okari is a Marketing & Communications professional. He is currently working on an African Citizen History project(

Biologist, Ecologist, Epidemiologist, Open Science Advocate.

Bérénice Batut

Freiburg, Germany

Bioinformatician and Trainer at the University of Freiburg Mozilla OL6 Grad and OL7 Mentor <3 Open Science and Education

Open Source| Data Science | Machine Learning

MozFest Wrangler 2019. Passionate about research and engineering on green technologies, always supporting openness, diversity and inclusion.

Tejasri Nampally

Hyderabad, India

A Free thinker, Free Software Hacktivist, Supporter of Open Knowledge Foundation, Internet Freedom, User Privacy.

Interested in open education and collaborative learning.

Vishal Chavan

Nashik, Maharashtra, India

I am a co-founder to a web based startup and primarily a Web Developer and an Online Privacy Advocate and love talking about Web Literacy.

Web Developer, Evangelist, Open Web Activist

Research Fellow | Free(dom) Software, Telecommunications, Neural Networks, Open Design of Trusted IoT, Psychology &Philosophy of Technology

Community builder & growth marketer

Software developer. Helping developer communities find meaning in their contribution to open source projects.

I am Research Software Engineer. I'm interested in making science and research more open, transparent, reproducible and sustainable.

Epidemiologist. Expert in open science tools and methods. Runs reproducibility workshops for scientists. Consultant.

New York native. Amateur runner. Nature enthusiast.

I am a computer scientist and geneticist writing code to ensure a future with enough food! My main tools are Python and the Web.

Medical Doctor. Passionate about ->open<- science->open<- dataAccess to MedicinesCitation networksOrigami

A woman Engineer who enjoys encouraging young people to join STEM related domains and strives to bridge the digital divide around the globe.

I Teach/Coach/Mentor for a Better World. I Code/Design/Program for Fun. I Eat/Drink/Cook to Live. I Play/Breathe/Live Football to Survive.

Quantitative Ecologist and Lecturer at UFAL, Brazil.

Researcher in gender, internet governance, inclusion and diversity

Librarian at East Los Angeles College. Open education. Critical information literacy. Community colleges.

I am a communications and outreach manager at the Wikimedia Foundation.

Maya Wagoner

Brooklyn, New York, USA

User Experience Designer at the Brooklyn Public Library. Former Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow. Mentor in the Mozilla Open Leaders program.

Head of Digital Scholarship, Boston College Libraries

Handling unforeseen & unsolved challenges on a daily basis, also known as doing science. Leading and growing @mybinderteam Also: Triathlon

Postdoctoral research associate, coastal wetlands, fluid mechanics, open source scientific software

Juli Arancio

Geneva, Switzerland

I study how open science hardware democratizes science & tech, and I also run some community science projects that use it.

Data Science Fellow @ the Berkeley Institute for Data Science, I work on Project Jupyter ( and the Binder Project (

Luis E. Fraguada is the technical director for datable (LLC/SL), a design studio focusing on projects which merge tradition and technology.

I run Wikimedia Foundation's social platforms and work on making the Wikipedia community a more inclusive, welcoming space.

Caleb kibet

Nairobi, Kenya

I am a 19/20 Mozilla Fellow, interested in teaching, open science, reproducibility, machine learning, FAIR Genomics, and community building.

Historian and lawyer of Puerto Rico. She works on human rights, especially freedom of expression and gender.

Nikolaos Nerantzis

Thermi, Greece

I am an Academic Staff with rank of Lecturer at the Addis Ababa University & Directory of Open Access Journals Ambassador for East Africa.

UNESCO Wikimedian in Residence, previously Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Wikimania 2014, MonmouthpediA. WYSE International faculty

Librarian, curriculum designer, and media literacy educator

Historian, librarian, and design technologist at the University of Nebraska.

Educational Consultant & Coach + Nonprofit Capacity Builder + Professor + Edu Researcher + Poet + Wikimedian + Actor-Network Theorist

Luis works as developer relations program manager at the leading media for software professionals in Latin America.

PhD student researching on Human Computer Interaction #HCI / Massive Open Online Courses #MOOCs. We build Learning Communities to empower.

Alexander Kutschera

Munich, Germany

I love 3D printing, recreating scientific instruments and getting lost on unnecessary nerdy projects.

I do science outreach, and write a thesis on theoretical ecology on the spare time.

I study brain evo-devo. I develop open Web apps to facilitate access to data, foster collaboration&citizen science. Background is fine arts.

I am a neuroscientist with a background in computer engineering, interested in machine learning, python, statistics, and diversity in STEM.

Felipe is a Professor, Mozillian and a Web Dev, currently doing a Master's and researching about Open Educational Resources.

PhD candidate @ucsc; BSSw Fellow; @uccross grad researcher. Working on @getpopper.

PhD student at the Department of Computing of Imperial College London, my research mainly focus on resilience of Cyber Physical Systems.

I am Practice Lead, Learning Experiences at Mozilla. I facilitate discovery, skill-building, collaboration across our global communities.

Mozillian | Open Source Enthusiast | CSE junior


Experts are available to join cohort calls or individual mentorship calls to share their experience and expertise during OL7.

Riccardo Iaconelli is from Milano, Italy. He has been a free software developer since he was 13, now leads Open Source Strategy at Mozilla.

Lead for The Dataset Nutrition Label Project, a collective focused on ethical AI. Cross-sector experience in edu, fintech, gov, healthcare.

Aiming to improve the health of brand-consumer relationships.

Open educator, open researcher, Strategic Education Developer - National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning in HE (Ireland)

Anna e só

Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil

Tech writer (Season of Docs, Open Collective), consultant (LAPPIS/UnB), Outreachy alum (Wikimedia) and applicant helper. They/them, a/ela/a.

Maha Bali

Cairo, Egypt

Associate professor of practice, Center for Learning & Teaching, American Univ in Cairo. Co-founder & #unboundeq

I'm a multi-disciplinary designer currently leading Product and Design for Sourcemap, a New York based tech social enterprise.

I am an open-source enthusiast who likes to hang out with geeks, drink a lot of coffee, and spend too much time in front of the terminal.

Research Software Engineer at the University of Sheffield, editor for rOpenSci, ex-Marine Macroecologist.

I am a librarian at the University of Washington in Seattle.

I work as an independent consultant with social impact projects, helping them think through scale and program design. Happy to help with HCD

I focus on finding new ways to lower barriers that impact the astronomy community’s ability to create and share their work.

A Strategy Consultant, a Neuroscientist and a Pharmacist, but above all a Tech enthusiast for its applications across all those spaces

Manage data, technology, reporting; finance, governance, and admin for for 501c3, 501c4, and PACs.

Bad writer by practice, activist by choice, and engineer by training. Open Knowledge. Interdisciplinary is the way forward.

Apostolos Kritikos

Thessaloniki, Greece

Co founder @SocialMindMedia. Researcher w/ @Aristoteleio in #OpenSource & #SoftwareResilience. @OpenCoffeeGR Thessaloniki host.

A computer science engineer by education, I succumbed to the lure of building communities & took up community management as my profession.

Community Scientist / Science Hack Day Berlin co-organiser / DIY Science podcast co-host / culture & cultural data at Wikimedia Germany.

Open Education Program Lead at University of Alberta, project management instructor, advocate for #open (and for cats sitting on quilts).

SAFIGI Foundation Founder. President at Digital Grassroots. Internet Freedom Festival fellow. Atlantic Fellow for Social & Economic Equity.

A human Bot, w/ a capital B. Principal scientist @ Sage Bionetworks living at the intersection of biomed research, technology, and policy

Former Social Worker and Therapist turned Wikimedian

Marios is a hacktivist and PhD student at University College London, researching the intersection of privacy, anonymity and decentralization

Experimenting with Rust.

Itzel Moreno

Morelos, Mexico

We are a group of people in monority diversity. We trust in internet as a media for inclusion that drives fairer global policies for all.

I am a IT Support, project manager, researcher, Mozilla contributor & curriculum designer also interested in entrepreneurship,volunteering.

Julia Stewart Lowndes

Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Mozilla Fellow working to increase the value and practice of open/data science in environmental science through community, data, and code

André Maia Chagas

Brighton, UK

Mozilla Fellow, Open Science advocate -focus on OS Hardware. Creator of OpenNeuroscience, collab @TReNDinAfrica, editor @PLOS OS toolkit

Daniela Saderi

Portland, OR, USA

Daniela Saderi, Ph.D. – Co-Founder and Project Lead at PREreview – Former Mozilla Fellow

Co-Founder of Pockets Change, making money more approachable through Hip hop pedagogy. Over a decade in education, business, and tech.

Biomedical Engineering PhD student that enjoys learning and teaching how to better understand data (and thus the world around us!).

Virginia Brussa


Internacionalista.Metodologías Participativas. Labs,OpenEdu,Science,Data. Participación en PP. CivicTech/OpenInnov/CitizenEngagement/DH

Lauren McCarthy is an artist who examines how issues of surveillance, automation, and network culture affect our social relationships.

Computer science major interested in the intersection between data science and cyber security. I am also a Fall 2017 Open Leader.

Mario Garcia

Chiapas, Mexico

FOSS Enthusiast | Speaker | Mozillian | Mozilla Reps | Mozilla Open Leaders | Python & Rust Developer

Researcher in brain imaging data sciences at Inria focused on brain imaging. I develop methods & standards to enable data reuse.

Mozfest Wrangler 2019 and Open Leaders X Expert

BIO- technology 🔬 & informatics 💻. DATA- visualization 📊 & analysis 📑. Photo- 📷 & video- 🎥 GRAPHY. FA- mily 💑 & ther👨‍👦.

A Storage Engineer at DellEMC. Has been involved in IG spaces for 2 years co-founded Digital Grassroots

A Computer Science grad working on algorithms, Java, JavaScript, the mobile web and AI.


São Paulo, Brasil

Mozilla Open Leaders V; Tor and Mozilla community member, Cryptorave organizer (, privacy advocate, activist

Free Software & Digital Rights Activist

Writer and educator helping people connect and solve problems together.

Katie is the Program Director at ChickTech, where she works to equip communities with the necessary tools to build impactful change.

Monica Granados

Ottawa, ON, Canada

I a Mitacs Canadian Science Policy Fellow working as Policy Analyst at Environment and Climate Change Canada in open science.

I'm a designer and leader who builds digital sites, systems and services at scale for value-driven organizations.

Bruno Vieira

London, UK

Former Mozilla Fellow, Founder of, an Open Source community building reusable code and tools for bioinformatics.

Radio Astronomer/Open Science Champion @ UoM. Mozilla Open Leader: Round 4 Project Lead, Round 5 Mentor/Cohort Host. HER+Data MCR Organiser.

Yo Yehudi

Cambridge, UK

Fond of open science, open source, and vegetables. Participant/mentor/host in OL4, 5, 6, 7, X. 2018 Openness Wrangler for MozFest.

President and Co-Executive Director of Code for Science & Society, 2016 Mozilla Fellow

Editorial Lead at the Mozilla Foundation. Writing, and conducting press relations, about internet health

Andrew Nelson

Boston, MA

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