MozFest Facilitator Handbook 2018

MozFest Facilitator Handbook 2018

What Makes A Great MozFest Session

You, as a session facilitator, play a key role in creating a space for active, curious engagement at MozFest. You’ll collaborate with participants to create a session that is just as valuable to you and your project— in terms of insight, new ideas, feedback, and discovery— as it is to your participants. If you’re not sure how to make this happen, don’t worry! We offer:

participatory session at MozFest

We believe that peer-to-peer sessions are the most powerful way to facilitate interaction, build networks, and collaborate. For that reason, MozFest discourages lectures and presentations in sessions, and encourages dialog and hands-on learning and working in small groups. As facilitator, you’ll create an experience that is:

  • Participatory — participants’ active experience with the topic is the core of the session; participants discuss, collaborate, make or build, and share
  • Inclusive — the session is welcoming to participants from many different backgrounds, skill sets, perspectives; all can find a way to join.
  • Productive — participants leave the session with new knowledge, ideas, connections, or skills; they may even create something to take home with them.

We call this the PIP (Participator-Inclusive- Productive) formula. As you can see, it prioritizes participants’ learning and experience over a lecture or slide presentation format. Because participants connect and share, your session can help them further develop their own networks.And, best of all, you’ll find your session is a terrific opportunity to surface a unique set of knowledge, skills and experiences from the various participants in the room-- don’t miss this opportunity to get feedback, solve problems or answer burning questions about your project! Sounds great, right?The MozFest approach to sessions--and to the Festival as a whole--is rooted in open-source principles of inclusivity, transparency and open sharing, and shared decision-making. For background on these principles, Mozilla’s history with them, and the notion of “working open” take a look at our Open Leadership Framework.Read on to learn how you can design a participatory, inclusive, and productive session.

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