Global Sprint

Global Sprint

Lead a Project


At the Global Sprint you can supercharge a new or an established project with help from a worldwide network of participants. Their contributions might include code, content, design, editing, writing, testing, advice, and more. Register your project now!

Every project entered in the sprint should:

  • Have a designated, committed project lead to handle the application process and collaborate with participants
  • Welcome contributions by participants through excellent project preparation and documentation
  • Support a healthy Internet. Learn more about Internet Health and how your project fits in.

The benefits to you and you project may include:

  • An opportunity to clarify your project vision, goals, and plans
  • Your project featured on Mozilla Pulse
  • A chance to learn online collaboration tools and working open best practices
  • An infusion of new energy, ideas and insight about your project from contributors
  • Progress on your project goals through focused Sprint worktime and contributions
  • An opportunity to network and rally a community around your project

Here’s how to get started:

This is part of a broader movement for a healthy internet. See more.