Global Sprint

Global Sprint

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Global Sprint sites are public locations (libraries, community centers, schools) where participants gather to work and network during the event. Sites can be any size—from three participants to 30, or more. Register your site now!

As a site host you’ll:

  • Reserve a public space from 9am-5pm local time during the Sprint (different/limited hours are also OK)
  • Ensure your site has internet access and adequate work space (tables/chairs)
  • Help publicize the sprint in your local community, with support from Mozilla
  • Be available during your Sprint hours to welcome participants and help connect them with projects
  • Ensure that the Sprint environment is friendly, safe, and productive for all participants
  • Connect your site via video conference to our network of sites (no specialized tech needed, just computer and webcam)

Why host a Sprint site? For site hosts, the Sprint is a chance to:

  • Build and strengthen local community relationships
  • Raise the profile of your local group or organization (if you’re working through an org)
  • Learn best practices for running welcoming, successful, open community events
  • Network and meet amazing Sprinters from around the globe
  • Do something positive for the Internet you <3

Ready to host a site? Here’s how to get started:

Please note: Any Sprint participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

This is part of a broader movement for a healthy internet. See more.