Global Sprint

Global Sprint


Global Sprint May 10-11

Mozilla’s Global Sprint is a fun, two-day collaborative hackathon. A diverse network of educators, engineers, artists, scientists, and many others come together in person and online to build projects for a healthy Internet.

As part of a global movement to make the Internet better, safer, and healthier, educators are creating games that explore online privacy and digital citizenship. Scientists are sharing data online to speed the discovery of new medical treatments. Coders are building smartphone apps to prevent gender-based violence. All this (and much more) is happening in the open—so anyone can watch this work evolve, build on shared knowledge, and pitch in to help out. At the Global Sprint, you can join us… no matter your skill level or background.

The 2018 Global Sprint is now over.

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Together, in 2018, using the collaboration platform GitHub, we:

  • Closed 270 pull requests
  • Opened 300 pull requests
  • Created 2240 comments & issues
  • Pushed 1116 commits

We also had countless in person conversations and connections at over 60 local sites. And we saw a 55% increase in sprint contributors over our 2017 numbers. Read more about the 2018 event in our recap blog post.

2017 Sprint Stories

Sprinting for a Healthy Internet

In 2018 we’re sprinting on projects that support our five key Internet Health Issues:

WEB LITERACY: Projects that teach individuals skills to shape — and not simply consume — the web.

OPENNESS: Projects that keep the web transparent and understandable, allow anyone to invent online without asking permission, and encourage thoughtful sharing and reuse of data, code, and ideas.

PRIVACY & SECURITY: Projects that illuminate what happens to our personal data online, and how to make the Internet safer for all.

DIGITAL INCLUSION: Projects that ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to access the Internet, and can use it to improve their lives and societies.

DECENTRALIZATION: Projects that protect and secure an Internet controlled by many, so that no one actor can own it or control it or switch it off.

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This is part of a broader movement for a healthy internet. See more.