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Save the Date! MozFest 2019 from 21 to 27 October. London, England, UK.

Now in its 10th year, the Mozilla Festival is a seven-day gathering of educators, activists, technologists, artists, and young people dedicated to creating a better, healthier open internet.

About MozFest & MozFest House

Come to MozFest to discover the newest tech, wildest ideas, and most inspiring stories in over 300 workshops, talks, and interactive sessions. Share your brilliant ideas to make the internet healthier. Fuel your work with new collaborations and connections. And celebrate the amazing art, tools, and community we’ve built together in the past ten years.

MozFest unfolds at two locations in London. From Monday 21 to Friday 25 October, explore a vibrant program of events, workshops, and networking sessions presented by our partner organizations at MozFest House in Central London. From Saturday 26 October to Sunday 27 October, join us for an energizing community-led weekend of collaboration and creation at Ravensbourne University, in Greenwich, London.

A note from Mark Surman, Executive Director, Mozilla Foundation

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This October, the Mozilla Festival turns 10.

Over the past decade, an emerging movement of people around the world has gathered and grown to ensure that the internet benefits humanity, rather than harms it. These people come to MozFest to create tools, art, and community that they then bring back to the wider world.

At MozFest 2010, we knew the web, early smartphones, and nascent social networks influenced everyday life — but they still felt like a world apart. Today, the opposite is true: We work, learn, and play on the internet. We build communities, shape societies, and fuel economies online. Artificial intelligence (AI) does everything from recommending the news we read to evaluating us as candidates for jobs, mortgages, and first dates.

The blending of our online and offline lives is exciting, but also comes with risks and paradoxes: The AI that shapes our lives is often opaque — we the users don’t understand how it works. Tech giants like Amazon and Google seem omnipotent. And we see new technology deployed without asking, Is this responsible? Is this ethical?

At MozFest 2019, we’ll focus the collective power of the internet health movement on making today’s internet more humane. For one full week in London, we’ll create art to showcase how flawed AI can sometimes be — and then write code to fix it. We’ll brainstorm products and policies that put social responsibility, ethics, and the user first. And we’ll envision the challenges and opportunities of the decade to come.

I hope you’ll join us for this momentous 10th MozFest. See you there.


— Mark Surman

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The Festival Team

MozFest is brought to you each year by a diverse, global community with a shared vision: to build a better internet for all. The sessions, workshops, talks and events at MozFest are collaborations between Mozilla and this powerful network of individual volunteers, partner organizations, and generous sponsors.

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