Many contributors, including you!

We develop the Internet Health Report through an open process that involves input from hundreds of people around the world whose interests and work spans many different fields and who have diverse research interests. We welcome and encourage the input of ideas and topics from everyone, and then work with a smaller number of contributors (around 200) on the actual production of reports.

Stay tuned to our blog and email list: We'll be seeking your input again in the second half of 2020.

  • Once a year we launch an online public call for ideas. Our very first crowdsourcing process was in 2017 when we asked: "How would you measure the health of the Internet?"
  • We (and our community members) also regularly speak at conferences and organize workshops around the world, gathering feedback and ideas on how to improve internet health.

Want to share an idea with us right now? Contact us at

Internet Health ideas maze at Mozfest 2019 Internet Health ideas maze at Mozfest 2019

Editorial team

Solana Larsen

Berlin, Germany

I am the editor of Mozilla's Internet Health Report. Always asking questions. Often silly, often serious. 100% Danish-Puerto Rican.

Kasia Odrozek

Berlin, Germany

I'm the Interim Director of Mozilla's Insights team. I love cats and hammocks. I draw bad cartoons.

Jairus Khan

Toronto, Canada

Internet Health Outreach. Advocate. Hacker. Organizer. Noisemaker.

Stefan Baack

Berlin, Germany

Research and data analyst for the Internet Health Report, and researcher studying activism and journalism.

Eeva Moore

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Writer, politico and intermittent Mozillian. Currently filling in as Outreach Coordinator for the Insights Team.

(Some of) Our Contributors

Marilia Monteiro

Brasilia, Brazil

Mozilla Fellow. Former Policy Manager at the Brazilian Ministry of Justice’s Office. Currently analyzing consumer protection and competition policy in the development of sustainable public policies and innovation

Maya Richman

Berlin, Germany

organisational security strategies for lgbqti communities @ Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice

Editorial Lead at the Mozilla Foundation. Writing, and conducting press relations, about internet health

Sam Burton

Toronto, Canada

Cori Zarek

San Francisco, CA

Mozilla Resident Fellow. Lead of Tech Policy Fellows. Former Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer.

Jon Rogers

Berlin, Germany

Mozilla Resident Fellow. His work explores the human intersection between digital technologies and the design of physical of things. Professor in creative technology @ Dundee University.

Mozilla Sustainability Steward

Michelle Thorne is a Senior Program Officer at Mozilla. She leads OpenDoTT, a doctoral research program for the internet of things.

OpenDoTT fellow, free/open advocate, and researcher focusing on smart cities. Lead on a number of community initiatives dedicated to critical thinking and making at the crossroadsf culture, science, + technology

Rebecca Ricks

San Francisco, DC, or NYC

Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow, Human Rights Watch.

Matt Stempeck

Berlin, Germany

Matt is a creative technologist based in Berlin. He curates the Civic Tech Field Guide and is a Corporate Overlord in the Bad Idea Factory.

Davide Gomba

Turin, Italy

Storyteller, Maker, Educator. Maker @Fablabtorino, Iot @CasaJasmina, Teaching #Fablabforkids @RuralHackIt 👨‍💼@OfficineInnesto

Ben Moskowitz

New York

Director of Consumer Reports’ Digital Lab. Founding member of IRC's innovation team; former Senior Director, Development at Mozilla.

Bofu Chen

Taipei, Taiwan

Project lead of BerryNet, authentic IoT framework powered by AI. BerryNet - AIKEA -

Lisa Gutermuth

Berlin, Germany

Senior Program Manager at Ranking Digital Rights. I work on corporate accountability, digital security, satellite imagery, and agriculture.

exec dir @simplysecureorg, advisor @MeasurementLab, alum @OTI #UX #design #data #dataviz #visualization #internethealth #urban #open #rowing

Kelly Davis


Kelly Davis is the Manager/Technical Lead of the machine learning group at Mozilla.

Jochai Ben-Avie

San Francisco, CA

I'm Mozilla's Head of International Public Policy and also run the Mozilla Open Source Support Program (MOSS).

Sofia Yan

Taipei, Taiwan

Marketing manager of AIKEA. Director of business development of Numbers. AIKEA- Numbers-

Owen Bennett

Brussels, Belgium

I work on EU public policy for the MoCo Policy team. My special focus is policy issues related to platform regulation and accountability.

Kathy Giori

Mountain View, CA, USA

Tony Gjerlufsen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Tony is Head of Technology at SPACE10, leading the exploration of technologies and their implications for people, society and nature.

Ben Francis

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Full time Mozillian, building the Web of Things with the Mozilla IoT team (

Expert in human rights and technology. Co-founder and the head of Panoptykon Foundation. Vice-president of European Digital Rights.

Alex Klepel

Berlin, Germany

Alex is Head of Strategic Partnerships at Mozilla’s Open Innovation team, based in Berlin.

Bobby Richter

Paris, France

Jofish Kaye

Mountain View, CA, USA

I'm Principal Research Scientist at Mozilla, primarily focused on building open voice ecosystems.

Michael Henretty

San Francsico, California, USA

Michael is a web engineer specializing in Machine Learning and Open Data. In 2017, he helped launch Mozilla's Common Voice project.

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