Web Literacy

Web Literacy


These activities anchor the core curriculum in learners' personal and community experiences, needs, and interests, as well as providing a conceptual overview of the web and web technologies.

The Web And YOU

In this offline storytelling/discussion activity, learners reflect on and share observations, ideas, and feelings about their own web use, and what the web means to their communities. What do they love or hate about the web? What are they curious about? What kinds of things would they like to do on/with the web? Facilitators can use insights from this activity to contextualize the rest of the curriculum for their group of learners.

Map the Web, Perform the Web

In this offline discussion/mapping/performance activity, learners share what they already know about the web, and collaborate to fill in gaps and answer questions. They work together to organize this information into a visual and spatial “map” that shows the relationships between lots of elements of the web, from servers to websites to tweets to mobile phones. In a final section of the activity, learners “perform the net” by acting out relationships.