Open Leadership & Events

The Open Leadership and Events team supports a series of programs and events designed to build and protect a healthy internet— and our best online lives.

A screenshot taken from a team call with 7 faces of the Open Leadership and Events team.

The Open Leaders & Events Team: (from top - left to right) Marc Walsh, Stephanie Wright, Chad Sansing, Abby Cabunoc Mayes, Zannah Marsh, Kristina Gorr, Sarah Allen

We help people design and build projects and cultures that empower people to collaborate within inclusive communities.

Open Leadership & Events team

We aim to connect our partners, friends and allies across the internet health movement so they can co-design and collaborate on issues that matter to them, which will inspire and empower their own work, and future generations of leaders.

Leadership development is defined as a set of principles, practices, and skills people can use to seek collaborations, solve shared problems and bring these practices to their communities.

We use these principles and practices to connect and empowering our communities so that they become a deep powerful network weaving internet health into their careers and lives.

We aspire to see future generations of leaders in the global internet health movement empowered by connections and collaborations across projects and strong partnerships.

Open Leadership & Events

The Open Leadership and Events team use the principles, practices and skills of leadership development to connect and empower our communities to become a deep powerful network weaving internet health into their careers and lives.

For 2019, we will support the Mozilla Foundation and our community to work like a movement by applying the practices and skills of “working open” to our everyday work and celebrate the 10th anniversary of MozFest.

Senior Production Coordinator for the Open Leadership and Events Team at Mozilla Foundation

Open Leadership Community Coordinator. Writing machine. People Person. Lover of all things chocolate.

Director, Events and training, and Executive Director Mozilla Festival

Abigail Cabunoc Mayes

Toronto, Canada

Working Open Practice Lead at the Mozilla Foundation. Open source, mentorship & prototyping. web+science=❤️

Sr Program Manager on the Open Leadership & Events Team and MozFest Wrangler. Passionate advocate for all things open. Fueled by coffee.

Practice Lead, Open Culture and Curriculum at the Mozilla Foundation.

I am Practice Lead, Learning Experiences at Mozilla. I facilitate discovery, skill-building, collaboration across our global communities.

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