Open Leaders

Mozilla Open Leaders. Mentorship and Training on Working Open

Mozilla’s Open Leaders program was an online mentorship and training program.

In Rounds 1-7, mentors worked with project leads over 14-weeks equipping them with the skills to work open. Make a copy of the Open Leaders Culture Track and Project Track Syllabi and turn it into your own working open project.

Round 8, called OLˣ, was a unique round where staff and community experts acted as champions in training others to develop and lead their own open leadership programs in their communities.

Read more about these cohorts on the archived website.

Open Leadership 101

Open Leadership 101 is a free, hour-long online introduction to “working open.” Learn the basics of participation, collaboration, and sharing on community-driven projects. Discover what working open can do for your project, and explore open projects from across the Network.

Who: Anyone who wants to learn the basics of working open

When: On-demand

Where: Online

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Open Leadership Training Series

Open Leadership Training Series

This Open Leadership Training Series teaches you best practices in “working open” – a way of working where:

  • everyone is invited to collaborate on something amazing,
  • and any new product or knowledge is shared widely and freely.

This is for anyone starting up or leading open projects– project leads, collaborators, or small groups of co-leaders responsible for project success and growth.

Get started with the training on our archived website here.

Open Leadership Framework

Open Leadership Framework

A set of principles, practices, and skills people can use to mobilize their communities to solve shared problems and achieve shared goals. This framework illustrates how those principles, practices, and skills relate to one another.

Read the full framework on our archived website here.

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