Mozilla Open Leadership & Events

Mozilla Open Leadership & Events

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MozFest 2018 - Collaborate with Open Leadership & Events

Whether you are a developer, designer, artist, student, activist, or something in between, join us in the movement for internet health. The programs and events listed to the left are co-created by a group of dynamic, vibrant and varied community collaborators, all working towards one goal: the opportunity for everyone to live a healthy online life.

  • Uplevel your working open leadership skills by engaging with the on-demand e-course, Open Leadership 101.
  • Spark a movement within your community by using the Open Leaders syllabus to design and lead an open project in your community.
  • Engage with us at MozFest and fuel the movement for internet health by collaborating with our network across the globe.

Will you join us?

This is part of a broader movement for a healthy internet. See more.