MozFest Facilitator Handbook

MozFest Facilitator Handbook

MozFest Facilitator Handbook

Welcome! We’re so excited that you’ll be joining us at MozFest this year! MozFest is Mozilla’s annual festival for a better, more open Internet. It’s a collaboration party for engineers, activists, artists, educators, young people, policy makers, journalists, librarians, and everyday people who love the internet. MozFest is created collaboratively by Mozilla, teams of community members-- called Wranglers-- who design the event and curate the sessions, and you. Your session is an important contribution to the event, as are all the conversations, connections and relationships that you’ll create informally throughout the weekend.

Whether this is your first MozFest or you’re a veteran, this Handbook will help you design and deliver an effective MozFest session. We’ve included many tips and tricks to help you navigate the very unique MozFest experience. The Facilitators Calendar is a handy timeline of events. The sections Before MozFest, During MozFest and After MozFest contain a checklist, information and resources to help you plan and deliver a great session, and keep your MozFest momentum going beyond the festival. The Festival Logistics section contains information about the schedule, on-site and local logistics, as well info about traveling to and staying in London.

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The MozFest Experience

MozFest Weekend takes place during the last weekend in October in London. If you’re local or arriving early, you can get an early start on the Festival action at MozFest House, which begins on Tuesday. MozFest weekend events take place at Ravensbourne university located on the Greenwich Peninsula in south-east London. The university specialises in digital media and design and many students volunteer at lead sessions and volunteer at the Festival.

As you’re probably aware, MozFest is designed around five key issues facing the internet today: Digital Inclusion, Web Literacy, Decentralisation, Openness, and Privacy & Security. In addition, the Festival features a lively Youth Zone and a number of unique experiences, these are an Art+Culture experience, Queering, and NeuroDiversity. The space or experience where your session takes place may come to feel like your homebase for the weekend. And you’re encouraged to explore all the spaces and experiences to take full advantage of everything MozFest has to offer-- we invite you to see yourself as an active, curious participant in the full Festival Weekend, along with being a facilitator.

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Where to Get Help

The Wrangler team from your space or experience is available welcome you, answer questions, and offer advice and help in the run-up to the Festival and throughout the weekend. In addition to support from Wranglers, two facilitator coaches, Dirk Slater and Chad Sansing, are available to help you prepare your session before the Festival via a series of online coaching sessions and also via the #facilitator-coaching channel on the MozFest workspace on Slack. Dirk will also offer last-minute coaching and debriefs on-site at the Festival.