Building a healthier internet

Mozilla believes diverse initiatives impacting the world power a healthy internet. These core principles, put forth in our Manifesto, shape our mission: ensuring the internet always remains a global public resource that is healthy, open, and accessible to all. Mozilla’s programs operate at different scales and locations around the world, fueling the movement for a healthy internet.


MozFest is Mozilla’s annual meetup where people, from passionate technologists, to educators, makers, and more come together to explore the future of the Internet. Our global community comes together to build tools, create new alliances, and advance thinking on topics like ethical AI or common-sense tech policy.

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Fellowships & Awards

Mozilla cultivates, connects and supports leaders that recognize that building a more open, inclusive internet is one of the defining issues of our time. Our paid fellowships and awards connect internet health leaders with the resources, global community and brand that can open doors and amplify their voices. These resources provide leaders with a powerful set of tools to hone their skills and take on bold projects, individually and together.

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Internet Health Report

What makes using the Internet a healthy place? Is it under threat? How do ensure a safe voice for all people on the web? Mozilla’s Internet Health Report is an open source initiative combining research from multiple sources to document the state of internet health and the ways it can be improved.

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A healthy internet requires an active, global community. Mozilla’s advocacy work brings people together from around the world to educate and fight for privacy, inclusion, literacy, and all principles of a healthy internet. A healthy internet supports the voices of people, including you.

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Featured Programs and Projects

Mozilla supports projects ranging from remote learning to in person celebrations. Here are just a few ways we work towards Internet Health

Web Literacy

Gain skills to read, write, create and participate online.

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Open Leadership

Working Open goes beyond just code. Learn the skills to grow your idea and change the world.

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Global Sprint

Mozilla’s Global Sprint connects citizens of the web for a fun two day collaborative project sprint. Join others working on and towards a better web.

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