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Every day, society’s reliance on the internet deepens. As big tech prioritizes profit over people, and digital threats to society are commonplace, the stakes are high. Mozilla is a force for good for hundreds of millions of users, and we rely on our donors to help us meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. By donating $1,000 or more to Mozilla’s Guardian Giving Program, you join a select team of Mozilla Guardians defending the internet against persistent and emerging threats. Together, we can tip the scales in favor of a healthier, safer, more secure internet that realizes the best of our collective human potential.

The Internet Is At A Crossroads

Twenty years ago, Mozilla tore down the browser monopoly, and has never stopped fighting for a privacy-oriented, decentralized, and inclusive internet. Today, the internet is at a crossroads again—our digital lives are now intimately entwined with a new computing paradigm: artificial intelligence (AI). AI is everywhere. It dictates everything from our social habits to whether we qualify for a loan or job. It makes decisions about us, for us—yet without us. The future of AI has immense potential to help (or harm) humanity.

Leaders like you must stand together and shape this technology for the good of us all. Mozilla is investing heavily in products and policy that promote more trustworthy AI. Will you join us with a contribution of $1,000 or more? Together, we can influence how AI gets developed and deployed in our communities, and restore user choice and control.

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Why Trustworthy AI?

In recent years, consumer tech products and platforms increasingly rely on AI. It’s inspiring to see how AI can enhance everything from medical care to playing that perfect song. However, AI also has the potential to harm humanity through surveillance and discriminatory algorithms. We need guidelines and policies in place for product developers and platforms. To that end, Mozilla consulted nearly 100 AI experts worldwide to determine how to best use our strengths as a global advocacy organization to make a real difference.

Over the next few years, we will invest heavily in:

AI designed with personal agency in mind, emphasizing privacy, transparency, and human well being.


Holding companies accountable when the AI systems they build or deploy make discriminatory decisions, abuse our data, or harm people.

What Is At Risk Without Trustworthy AI?

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PRIVACY: Our personal data powers everything from traffic maps to targeted advertising. Trustworthy AI should let people decide how their data is used and what decisions are made with it.

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FAIRNESS: We’ve seen time and again that historical bias can show up in automated decision making. To effectively address discrimination, we need to look closely at the goals and data that fuel our AI.

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TRUST: Algorithms on sites like YouTube often push people towards extreme, misleading content. Overhauling these content recommendation systems could go a long way to curbing misinformation.

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SAFETY: Experts have raised the alarm that AI could increase security risks and cybercrime. Platform developers will need to create stronger measures to protect our data and personal security.

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TRANSPARENCY: Automated decisions can have a huge personal impact, yet the reasons for decisions are often opaque. We need breakthroughs in explainability to protect users.

Join a Circle to Enhance Your Engagement

Mozilla Guardians qualify for membership in one of our giving circles to connect you more closely to the work, to our leaders and experts, and to clearly see the impact of your donations. Choose from the two options listed below. Whatever you choose, all Guardians receive the following benefits:

  • Invitations to special virtual events for Mozilla Guardians
  • Annual briefing and conversation with Mozilla Executive Director, Mark Surman
  • VIP access to the annual Mozilla Festival (MozFest) in Amsterdam
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Change Makers Circle

Connect with Mozilla’s Advocacy & Engagement programs. They lead initiatives that empower everyday users, hold big tech companies accountable, and help consumers choose privacy-friendly products.

Unique Benefits and Engagement Opportunities:

  • Monthly campaign progress update
  • Annual briefing with Mozilla’s Vice President of Advocacy and Engagement
  • Annual meet-and-greet with campaigners and partners
  • Exclusive previews of publications and campaigns

See our *Privacy Not Included Guide

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Leadership Circle

Connect with Mozilla’s Global Programs. They invest in bold ideas that fuel tech innovations for the public good, and deliver powerful stories that change the way we think about our relationship with technology.

Unique Benefits and Engagement Opportunities:

  • Monthly fellowships and awards highlights
  • Annual briefings with Mozilla’s Vice President of Global Programs
  • Annual meet-and-greet with fellows and award grantees
  • Exclusive previews of grantmaking strategies and impact

See our Internet Health Report

How To Become a Mozilla Guardian

If you’re interested in contributing or learning more about our initiatives, please follow the instructions below or reach out to connect.

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