Mozilla Fellowships cover a range of topics and disciplines within the broader mission of Internet Health, upholding the internet as a force for good.

The Mozilla Fellowship is building the next wave of internet health leaders, and the program depends on a large community of collaborators, partners, advisors, civil service organizations and funders.


Our 2019/20 Host Orgs have just been announced! Learn more.

There are two ways you can help:

Host a Fellow

Organizations defending an open and accessible web are the backbone of our fellowship program. They socialize fellows to a global assortment of issues, policies, and technologies, and inspire them with meaningful work that impacts the health of the internet.

In the past five years, the fellowship has partnered with dozens of host organizations around the globe and across sectors, including the American Civil Liberties Union, Amnesty International, Derechos Digitales, European Digital Rights, Freedom of the Press Foundation, and many more. Host organizations are united by a shared goal of a healthy internet.

This year, we are particularly interested in partnering with host organizations whose missions or projects align with Mozilla’s latest impact goal: “better machine decision making,” or ensuring artificial intelligence is developed with ethics, responsibility, and accountability in mind. More broadly, host organizations should be working on initiatives related to online privacy or security; openness; decentralization, digital inclusion; and/or web literacy.

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Apply to Host a Fellow
Host organization applications are currently closed. Interested in the subsequent application cycle? Please fill out this form. We will send you info when applications re-open!

Want to learn more? Read more about our call for host applications; read our host organization application guide; or email fellowships@mozillafoundation.org.

Past Host Organizations
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The Ford Foundation works around the world on the frontlines of social change to fight inequality, strengthen democratic values, reduce poverty and injustice, and advance human achievement. Learn more at FordFoundation.org

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The OpenDoTT project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 813508.

Fund the Fellows

We partner with other foundations and organizations across the globe to support the next wave of internet health leaders. Many funders find the expertise, leadership and passion that fellows bring to the experience to be key to catalyzing progress in the internet health field.