Mozilla Fellowships cover a range of topics and disciplines within the broader mission of Internet Health, upholding the internet as a force for good.

OpenDoTT fellow, free/open advocate, and researcher focusing on smart cities. Lead on a number of community initiatives dedicated to critical thinking and making at the crossroadsf culture, science, + technology

PhD Candidate at the University of Washington. Analyze the AI/ML infrastructures and technologies in global agriculture. My goal is to ensure that AI systems in agriculture prioritize sustainable development

Amelia Winger-Bearskin

San Francisco, California

An artist/technologist who empowers people to leverage bleeding edge technology to effect positive change in the world.

Anouk Ruhaak

London, UK

Radically rethinking the economics & ethics of data. MozFest Wrangler 2019.

Aurum Linh

New York, New York, USA

Aurum is a technologist and product developer working at the intersection of human rights and the digital ecosystem at DFF.

A Bioinformatics researcher interested in teaching, open science, reproducible research, regulatory genomics and machine learning.

Cayla R Key

Dundee, UK

PhD candidate at The University of Dundee researching connected homes for the OpenDoTT project.

Chenai Chair

Zimbabwe/South Africa

Focus on policy developments enhancing digital rights with AI uptake in Africa. Gender & Digital Rights Research Manager at Web Foundation.

Daniel Leufer

Brussels, Belgium

Philosopher and policy analyst researching how AI is impacting human rights and political decision making.

I study and interrogate machine decision-making systems being employed in India, and design tools and policies to ensure that these systems are compatible with legal and constitutional rights.

Emmi is developing technical and political tools to combat the next generation of fascism and disinfo online. PhD student and activist.

Fieke Jansen


Researcher and practioner currently examining responsible AI practices for public institutions and citizens’ resistance to AI

Mozilla Fellow. Francesco is the Director of the "Institute of Future and Innovation Studies" at John Cabot University.

Frederike Kaltheuner

London, United Kingdom

Frederike is a tech policy fellow. Before joining Mozilla, Frederike was Director of Program at Privacy International in London.

Harriet Kingaby

London, UK

Mozilla Fellow working on the unintended consequences of AI enhanced advertising. Chair of The Conscious Advertising Network, sci-fi geek.

Irene will embed at OSOC and build community networks that connect the unconnected in rural Kenya, by providing affordable internet and sustainable infrastructure

Jens Alexander Ewald

Dundee, Scotland

OpenDOTT fellow focusing on wearables and the self. Exploring poetic interaction and resonance as a way to make IoT healthy and sustainable.

Jonathan McCully

London, United Kingdom

Legal Adviser to the Digital Freedom Fund, with experience working on strategic litigation before international, regional & domestic courts.

Karolina Iwańska

Warsaw, Poland

Mozilla Policy Fellow working on privacy-friendly criteria for online ads. She also works as a lawyer at Warsaw-based Panoptykon Foundation.

Kostas Stathoulopoulos

London, United Kingdom

I work at the intersection of machine learning, economics and policy-making, developing tools that help people take evidence-based decisions

Leil Zahra

Berlin, Germany

Trans-feminist queer filmmaker & researcher on content take-down in NAWA region, & on agreements between governments and platforms.

Matogoro Jabera

Dodoma, Tanzania

Open Internet Engineer Fellow, Matogoro is working towards connecting the unconnected population using television white space technology

Awal is committed to improving the security and trustworthiness of the global internet routing infrastructure.


São Paulo, SP, Brasil

technologist and researcher working to strengthen safe and sustainable practices for privacy and security online, and access to information.

Petra Molnar

Toronto, Canada

Petra Molnar is a lawyer and anthropologist working on new technologies that manage migration, investigating impacts of AI and surveillance.

Piers Gooding

Melbourne, Australia

Dr Piers Gooding is a Mozilla Open Science Fellow '19-20, & Research Fellow at the Melbourne Social Equity Institute & Melbourne Law School

Sarah Kiden

Cape Town, South Africa

Mozilla Fellow. Technologist passionate about Open Source solutions + Internet Policy. Working on broadband + Internet measurements project that aims to collect and analyze data related to broadband in Africa.

Seun Ojedeji

Ekiti, Nigeria

A Network Engineer with extensive experience and management skills.He contributes to Internet and FOSS development in his region and globaly