Mozilla Fellowships cover a range of topics and disciplines within the broader mission of Internet Health, upholding the internet as a force for good.

Alexander Morley

Oxford, England, UK

Trying to re-imagine data science as an accessible, inclusive and equalizing force. Spent the last few years trying to understand the brain.

André Maia Chagas

Brighton, UK

Mozilla Fellow, Open Science advocate -focus on OS Hardware. Creator of OpenNeuroscience, collab @TReNDinAfrica, editor @PLOS OS toolkit

Ayden Férdeline

Berlin, Germany

Ayden Férdeline is a Mozilla Tech Policy Fellow researching the ongoing development and harmonization of global privacy standards.

Brett Gaylor is a documentary filmmaker and the Commissioning Editor for Advocacy Media at the Mozilla Foundation.

Bruna Zanolli

Sao Paolo, Brazil

Activist in the area of ​​autonomous communications and human rights with interest in radio spectrum and intersectional feminism.

Camille Francois

San Francisco, CA USA

Mozilla Fellow, working on online targeted threats and disinformation campaigns, exposing their impact on society and vulnerable users globally, and also trying to yield better detection and mitigation techniques

Caroline Sinders

Berlin, Germany

Mozilla Fellow addressing problems of bias in AI to help create more equitable and ethical technology systems. Previously design researcher at Wikimedia Foundation

Chukwuyere Ebere Izuogu

Abuja, Nigeria

Mozilla Fellow. Conducting research on net neutrality and data protection regime in Nigeria. Senior Associate at Streamsowers & Kóhn.

Ciera Martinez

Berkeley, CA, USA

Mozilla Fellow, Ciera, is a biologist and open science advocate. She studies genomic evolution and best practices for reproducible research.

Clara Tsao

Washington D.C., USA

Clara Tsao is a Mozilla Technology Policy Fellow researching the effectiveness of online tools to counter online disinformation.

Danae Valentina

Amsterdam, Netherlands

As a Ford-Mozilla Fellow, Danae will be exploring the topic of transculturality and its digital implications through direct work with migrant communities in Latin America and in Europe.

Daniela Saderi

Portland, OR, USA

Daniela Saderi, Ph.D. – Co-Founder and Project Lead at PREreview – Former Mozilla Fellow

Darius Kazemi

Portland, OR, USA

Darius is a programmer and artist who is intensely interested in making the internet weird and fun.

Dave Gehring

Mountain View, CA USA

As a Mozilla Fellow, David Gehring is focused on the economics of quality original news media publishing on the open web. Previously the CEO of Relay Media, which he sold to Google in 2017.

Gabriela Ivens

Berlin, Germany

Mozilla Fellow. Gabi is an open source investigator, working on new methods of locating, identifying, and securely preserving information.

Jon Rogers

Berlin, Germany

Mozilla Resident Fellow. His work explores the human intersection between digital technologies and the design of physical of things. Professor in creative technology @ Dundee University.

Julia Stewart Lowndes

Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Mozilla Fellow working to increase the value and practice of open/data science in environmental science through community, data, and code

Kadija Ferryman

New York, NY USA

Dr. Kadija Ferryman is a cultural anthropologist and will be conducing an ethnography of the open health movement.

Karen Kornbluh

Washington D.C.

Mozilla Fellow. Previously the US Ambassador to the OECD under President Obama

Kathy Pham

Boston, Massachusettes

Mozilla Fellow. CS Responsible. Former founding engineering and product member of the United States Digital Service. Focused on ethics and responsible computer science, engineering culture, and academic curricula

Loraine Clarke

Dundee, UK

Mozilla Fellow and University of Dundee research associate primarily working on projects related to ‘Hacking for Situated Civic Engagement’.

Maggie Haughey

Montréal, CA

Maggie is a Mozilla Fellow and an activist concerned with inclusion and safety online. Her work plays with combos of feminism and sci-fi.

Maya Richman

Berlin, Germany

organisational security strategies for lgbqti communities @ Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice


Mexico City, Mexico

Phi is reaching opportunities to improve privacy and digital security as an issue of common interest. He is co-founder of #SeguridadDigital

Renee DiResta

San Francisco, CA

Renée investigates the spread of disinformation across social networks, and assists policymakers in understanding and responding. Director of Research at New Knowledge

Richard Whitt

Mountain View. CA USA

Mozilla Fellow, developing a “openness by design” project. Through research, authorship, and convenings, he seeks to broaden our understanding of openness across the different tech modalities.

Sam Muirhead

Wellington, NZ

I'm working on an open source approach to the production & adaptation of illustration, comics, & animation. Photo CC-BY Sebastiaan ter Burg

Selina Musuta

Washington D.C., USA

A web developer and infosec practitioner that is inspired daily by speculative fiction, music, and her people’s ability to survive & thrive

Stefania Koskova

Albania and Western Balkans

Mozilla Fellow working to develop collaborative solutions and effective policy responses to the threat of online radicalization

Steve Song

Nova Scotia, Canada

Mozilla Fellow in Residence. Founder of Village Telco. Expert in telecommunications policy in developing countries. Identifying regulatory and policy barriers around connecting the unconnected.

Sukhbir Singh

Toronto, CA

Mozilla Fellow with the Wikimedia Foundation. Developer with the Tor Project. Interested in privacy-enhancing technologies.

Mozilla fellow focusing on EU Net Neutrality Enforcement. Executive Director of epicenter.works, an Austrian NGO committed to fundamental rights in the digital age. He will work with our Policy team in Europe

Valentina Pavel

London, UK

Valentina is a digital rights advocate working on privacy, freedom of speech, and open culture. As a Mozilla Fellow, she will investigate the implications of digital feudalism and visions for shared data