What are Mozilla Fellowships?

The internet today is pervasive: It shapes economies, influences governments, and is layered into billions of lives.

A pervasive internet has the potential to uplift society — it can promote democracy, open markets, and free expression. But it can also promote polarization, mass surveillance, and misinformation.

More than ever, we need a movement to ensure the internet remains a force for good. Mozilla Fellows are web activists, open-source researchers and scientists, engineers, and technology policy experts who work on the front lines of that movement.

Mozilla Fellows are working to stop the spread of misinformation, put individuals in control of their data, keep artificial intelligence accountable, and provide innovative solutions for internet connectivity in low penetration environments. They are leaders who ensure smart cities and next-generation voice technology are diverse and equitable, and who are building capacity at the intersection of civil society and technology.


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Fellows are exploring how to build a more open, secure, and trustworthy Internet of Things. These early stage researchers are part of a PhD programme from Northumbria University and Mozilla. [Learn more]

Open Internet Engineers

Fellows undertake transformative infrastructure-building projects in countries with low internet penetration. These engineers work with technical organizations to ensure efficient and affordable internet transit based on open standards and software. [Learn more]

Open Science

Fellows are infusing open-source practices and principles into scientific research. Fellows may work in the natural sciences, formal and applied sciences, or humanities, social sciences and library and information sciences, and are based in the research institution with which they are currently affiliated.

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Open web

Fellows work in the realm of public interest technology, addressing issues like privacy, security, and inclusion online. These open web activists embed at leading human rights and civil society organizations around the world, lending their technical expertise.

Tech policy

Fellows examine the interplay of technology and public policy, and craft legal, academic, and governmental solutions. These policy professionals conduct research, debate issues, and strive to reimagine policy solutions that support a more open, secure, and inclusive internet around the world.

Tech + Society

Fellows are building capacity at the intersection of technology and society. In a time of ubiquitous technology, these experienced technologists are developing and implementing digital strategies that support the relevance and sustainability of civil society organizations in the Global South. [Learn More]

Fellows in residence

Fellows in Residence explore the open Internet’s strengths, analyze its weaknesses, and enhance the movement to keep the internet as a global public resource that’s open and accessible for all. These senior-level leaders are selected by Mozilla to serve as the braintrust that helps Mozilla develop new thinking around emerging issues.

Global Sprint
Fellows in voice technology

Fellows are opening voice technology to include African languages. These experts in deep learning-based voice technologies are fostering open data collection efforts and providing technical advising to support speech recognition and speech synthesis for local languages in East Africa. [Learn More]