Process resource for Mozilla Foundation staff

Process resource for Mozilla Foundation staff

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Requesting Design Support at MoFo

This outlines options for requesting and receiving design support at MoFo. The Engagement team focuses our internal team resources on developing content & digital experiences for mainstream audiences.

Here is an outline of scenarios and processes depending on the nature of your request:

1) I need design support (my product does not primarily target external mainstream audiences)
  • Our preferred option: we’ll connect you with our trusted agency Pound & Grain. They have been onboarded to our design guidelines, align with our teams’ tools and workflows, and have a proven track record of delivering high-quality work on time and on budget. Or consult our longer list of external contractors.
    • To initiate work, submit a project request to our Airtable and note you’d like to use Pound & Grain.
    • Kristina will put you in contact with their producer, who will work with you to scope out the work and provide a quote, timeline and estimation of costs. This work will be billed to your department.
  • Alternate option: If you have an agency or designer you’d prefer to work with then connect with Kristina to a) flag the work they’ll be doing, and b) ensure that they are onboarded to our brand guidance and workflows. Depending on the scope/reach of the project we may ask to review initial designs and provide feedback to ensure consistency with our work. You’ll need to ensure you budget for this work from your team’s budget.
2) I need design support (my product does primarily target mainstream audiences)
  • Submit your request to Airtable
  • If we can take on the work, we’ll schedule a stakeholder interview and add the work to our roadmap.
  • If we can’t take on the work (because we don’t have the capacity/capability) we’ll contract Pound & Grain and work with their producer to execute your project. This work will be billed to the Engagement team.

For document templates, including slides, or other visuals, we’ll continue to maintain and update our library of brand assets.

How to start a request

Fill out this short form. Please describe in detail the problem you want to solve or goal you want to meet.

What to expect after submitting your request
  • One of us will Slack or email you within 24 hours to let you know the request was received and to ask for additional info.
  • The engagement team project facilitators meet weekly on Thursdays to review our team Airtable board. Here’s where we review all new requests (assign a project coordinator to each project, triage requests, and add them to our roadmap) and shift around prioritization of all projects as necessary.
  • After this meeting, a project facilitator will contact you within a week of the initial request to gather more information. For graphic requests you will be asked to fill in this graphics request form. For larger projects, we will work with you to fill out a more detailed brief which may also include a stakeholder interview.
  • On the rare occasion we cannot take on a project we’ll provide the reasoning why, and direct you to other resources or potential solutions.

Once we have taken on the project and a brief has been completed, we’ll divide up the work into smaller tasks in the form of GitHub tickets. These tickets will then be prioritized at a more granular level using a Scrum Agile framework. This helps us prioritize, organize and execute our projects in two-week sprints.