How Do I Wagtail?

How Do I Wagtail?


If you're looking for a way to conduct surveys, poll your audience, or collect responses, and integrating that data back to our CRM is not important for your use case, we offer Typeform.

Type form is an online form and survey software that is available for staff to use. Please follow these instructions to get started with Typeform, and to ensure your data collection/retention is in compliance with our lean data policies.

How to log into Typeform

  1. Make sure you have a 1Password MoFo account.
    1. Please notify Anil once you’ve signed up. [you'll be using his credentials, so he needs to give you access to them within 1Password]
    2. Ensure you have the 1Password browser extension installed:
  2. Visit If you're logged into your 1Password account using the browser extension, and you click login and click the email field, you'll see a drop down to choose an account. Click that and 1Password will autocomplete the login for you.

How to build a survey or form on Typeform

  1. IMPORTANT - After you're logged into Typeform, confirm that you are in the Mozilla Foundation organization - go to the top right drop down, and click “Switch organization” to MozillaFoundation
  2. Click on the blue "New typeform" card.
New Typeform Button

3. Select a theme. This can be found in the create panel by clicking Design > My Themes. Choices of MoFo themes include Default, Dark, Gradient, Blue, and Red.

4. Create a nice Welcome Screen to greet your respondents. You can use call-to-action words and add your logo or a welcome video

5. Create your questions.

6. Create a ending page thanking your respondents, if desired.

How to share with your audience

Typeform gives you a variety of ways to share your survey with your desired audience. These include:

  • Sharing your typeform via link
  • Embedding your typeform in a web page or wagtail page.

To get started, begin by clicking the "Share" button at the top-center of the screen.

Typeform Share Button

Sharing Typeform via Link
  1. Under the "Share the typeform" section, either copy the link, or select one of the social media icons to share.
Embedding Typeform in wagtail page
  1. Under the "Embed in a webpage" section, click on standard.
  2. In wagtail, navigate to the page that you would like to embed.
  3. Create a new section by clicking on the green "+" at the bottom of the edit page.
  4. Select "Typeform" and paste the string after /form/ in the "Embed id" section. (EG:

Some tips from Typeform

Below are some tips from the Official Typeform guide you may find useful:

  • First impressions count! Create a nice Welcome Screen to greet your respondents. You can use call-to-action words and add your logo or a welcome video.
  • Start with the most important questions and, if possible, don’t make the others required. You may lose your respondents at the very beginning if you start with long (and boring) socio-demographic questions.
  • Keep your typeform as short as possible! People’s time is limited, so make sure they don’t quit your survey because it's too long.
  • Create a nice ending, inviting respondents to share on social media. Also, give a link to your typeform’s Report. Sharing the results will improve participation in future surveys.
  • Always remember the 3S rule: Simple, Specific, Short! Use simple, common words to fit all audiences. Be specific to avoid misunderstandings. And keep your sentences short to make them easier to read.