How Do I Wagtail?

How Do I Wagtail?

Profiles from Pulse

Pulse enables staff, fellows, and our network to discover and collaborate on projects for a healthy internet. It captures and broadcasts a stream of projects with rich metadata. This data allows us to view things by issue area, tag, creator, or the type of help needed from collaborators.

You can pull profiles from Pulse onto your page. The "Profile Listing" component allows you to pull in a list of profiles by program. The "Profile by ID" component allows you to pull in a specific profile(s).

The cards automatically link to their full profile, where you can see their projects and links to their social media. For some users, you can see their favs from across Pulse.

Live Example

Abigail Cabunoc Mayes

Toronto, Canada

Leading Mozilla's developer-focused strategy around trustworthy AI and MozFest.

Peter Bihr

Berlin, Germany

Mozilla Fellow. Co-founder of ThingsCon, a non-profit advocating the creation of a responsible IoT.

Media Artist + Media Design Lecturer at the University of the Arts London + Digital Art Producer. Curator of Mozilla Artists Open Web.

Becca Ricks

Cambridge, MA

I'm a Researcher on Mozilla's Advocacy team.

To add this, tap the small gray plus button within your pages Body section. Then tap the "Profile listing" or "Profile by ID" icon. Below is info about the options.

pulse profile component icons

Profile by ID

Profile by ID allows you to show one or more specific profiles. This was used for the example above

  • Find their ID number in their Pulse profile URL ([##]).
  • For multiple profiles, specify a comma separated list (e.g. 85,105,332).

Here's how the component looks in the admin:

pulse profile by id admin

Profile listing options

Profile listing component is used to grab a group of profiles. For example, Tech Policy Fellows.

  • Max results - set the number to appear on your page.
  • Profile type - type is set in the Pulse admin. These include "fellow", "staff", etc. Leave this empty to pull any type.
  • Program type - programs are set in the Pulse admin. These include "tech policy" etc. Leave this empty to pull any type.
  • Year - use this to limit your results to profile marked in Pulse Admin for a particular year. Used for fellow cohorts.
pulse profile list component