How Do I Wagtail?

How Do I Wagtail?

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Getting Started

Production (Live) CMS :

  • Log-in with Google
  • Use your account (if you have one)
  • Ask for help in the mofo-wagtail channel if you have login trouble

The first-time you log in, the CMS will create a user account for you, but will not immediately grant you any permissions. Please request access in the mofo-wagtail channel after your initial login attempt.

Note: we don’t recommend using the Staging version anymore since data is automatically cleaned up in a weekly basis and you have the risk of losing your content. Instead of staging, please add your page to Production and save it as a draft to collaborate with your team and do the modifications you need before pushing it live to the public.


A number of blocks (Datawrapper, Typeform and some video embeds) require that you log in to an external platform to create assets that you can then embed on the Foundation site. In order to access these you will need to have a 1Password MoFo account. To do that:

Dashboard & Access

screenshot of the dashboard

Here you have information on:

  • The number of pages, images, and documents currently held in the CMS
  • Your most recently edited pages & any pages currently awaiting moderation

In the menu, you should see be able to access:

  • Pages, People, News, Highlights, Images & Snippets.

Clicking on the Mozilla logo returns you to your Dashboard.

User Groups

Different user groups have a range of permissions and access. You can check by clicking on your name and going into Account settings.

screenshot of account settings
  • There are 5 roles with various controls: admin, author, editor, moderator & producer

If you are missing access to content you may need to change user roles, please ask for help in the mofo-wagtail channel.


Workflows allow you to configure how moderation works on the Foundation site. Workflows are sequences of tasks that require approval before completion. A completed workflow usually results in the publication of a page, but this will depend on the settings.

To access the Workflow interface, go to Settings > Workflows from the Sidebar.

workflows in Wagtail

From the Workflow interface, you can see all of the workflows on the Foundation site and the order of tasks in each. To create a new workflow, click Add a workflow from the Workflow interface.

Furthermore, the Workflow interface shows how many pages each workflow covers. If you click the number of pages, you can see a list of all the pages a workflow applies to.