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*Privacy Not Included

*Privacy Not Included is a buyer’s guide produced by the Mozilla Foundation. It evaluates the privacy and security of connected toys, gadgets, and smart home products. Find out more information about the guide and why we made it here.

Strategic Position

This project connects directly to consumers and privacy-conscious people to give them the right information to make informed decisions about connected devices.

Jen’s 2022 Strategy Brief

Who is this for?

The audience his focused on a North American and European demographic and includes parents of kids age 4 and up, women, people of color, privacy-conscious consumers, niche audiences, pet owners, people who are into exercising, and people who work from home.

Brand Personality

Fun. Snarky. Informative.

Existing Assets and Projects

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Theme Visual Components

Privacy Not Included Palette

PNI Gradient

$pni-gradient / #0000ff to #ff506e / rgb(0, 0, 255) to rbg(255, 80, 110)

Emoji Yellow

$emoji-yellow / #f2b946 / rgb(242, 185, 70)

Emoji Pink

$emoji-pink / #e59c9c / rgb(299, 156, 156)

Light Red

$light-red / #ffe6e8 / rgb(255, 230, 232)

PNI Blue

$pni-blue / #1808f2 / rgb(24, 8, 242)

PNI Blue-Purple

$pni-blue-purple / #4a17d4 / rgb(74, 23, 212)

PNI Purple

$pni-purple / #7f28b7 / rgb(127, 40, 183)

PNI Purple-Pink

$pni-purple-pink / #b0379b / rgb(176, 55, 155)

PNI Pink

$pni-pink / #e4487d / rgb(288, 72, 125)


Christmas header for PNI
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Holiday Buyer's Guide ads
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Valentine's Day PNI candy heart illustration reading 'don't spy'
Valentine's Day PNI candy heart header
Ad with a yellow illustrated printer winking with text reading 'Is this printer pervy?'
Ad of a connected cat toy with text reading 'Has Fully's privacy been violated?'
Ad of an illustrated smart home speaker with a blushing and sweating emoji face and text reading 'Alexa, do yooou really hear everything I say?'
An image reading "Is my dating app an oversharer? with a subtitle reading "*privacy not included | dating apps." Behind the image is a purple background and an emoji heart inside a phone.
An image reading "not safe for work" with a subtitle reading "*privacy not included | sex toys." The background is dark purple with a purple eggplant emoji.
An image with a dark purple background and pattern in the foreground featuring the heart eye emoji face, the fire emoji, sweat emoji, peach emoji, eggplant emoji, and heart emoji.
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