Governance for the Data Futures Lab is a key component as the form of the Lab should be closely aligned with its mission and function. The Lab is administered and overseen by the Mozilla Foundation in partnership with Luminate. In 2021, we will build a Steering Committee that will meet quarterly to review ongoing work, provide expertise, and help shape the Lab's strategy and priorities. The Lab Lead will report to the Mozilla Foundation's leadership and will recruit and oversee the Steering Committee. The Mozilla board will approve the grants the Lab makes. Every effort will be made to document what the Lab learns, and to steward the resources generated by Lab activities with open licenses that prioritize reuse.

Networks of Practice

The Lab works in conjunction and service of various fields working to bring data stewardship to life. This includes communities of legal scholars, engineers, data scientists, policy makers, advocacy groups, and community organizers.


The Lab will be recruiting throughout 2021, and is currently staffed by program officers and researchers that work across the Mozilla Foundation. Please email [email protected] to reach the Lab staff. Current Lab staff include:

  • Champika Fernando, Data Futures Lab Lead
  • J. Bob Alotta, VP, Global Programs
  • Kasia Odrozek, Director, Insights
  • Lindsey Dodson, Program Lead, Global Programs
  • Mehan Jayasuriya, Program Officer
  • Stefan Baack, Research and Data Analyst, Insights


The Lab is supported in various ways by the dynamic group of fellows at the Foundation that are engaged in data stewardship issues. Current Lab fellows include:

  • Anouk Ruhaak is the Fellow in Residence at the Data Futures Lab. Anouk creates new models of data governance for the public good. As an architect and advocate of data trusts, she promotes governance models that safeguard privacy and protect society from the negative externalities of data sharing. Before becoming a fellow at Mozilla, Anouk worked as a consultant for the Open Data Institute and a data journalist for Platform Investico, where she researched investigative stories around surveillance and privacy. She has a background in political economics and software development, and founded several communities in the tech space.
  • Professor Sylvie Delacroix is based in Birmingham, UK and focuses on the intersection between law and ethics, with a particular interest in data and machine Ethics. As a Mozilla Fellow, her research focuses on the design of computer systems meant for morally-loaded contexts. She is also considering the potential inherent in ‘bottom-up’ Data Trusts as a mechanism to address power imbalances between data-subjects and data-controllers (see for an overview). Sylvie recently served on the Public Policy Commission on the use of algorithms in the justice system (Law Society of England and Wales). She is also a Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute.
  • Richard Whitt is a Fellow in Residence at the Mozilla Foundation and the founder of the GLIAnet project, which seeks to build new Web ecosystems founded on trustworthy fiduciaries, digital lifestreams, Personal AIs, and symmetrical interfaces. Before joining Mozilla, Richard spent over 11 years at Google, where he most recently worked with Vint Cerf on a variety of tech and corporate policy projects for emerging platforms.