Tell us what you think: Big Tech and the Bundestag Election

Your vote in this year’s Bundestag elections will be significant – when people in Germany head to the polls, it will be the first election in Germany in fifteen years without Angela Merkel. And this is the first federal election in a G7 country since the elections in the United States in November.

Big Tech’s policies and actions were front-and-center in the U.S. election and all eyes are on how the companies will address (or not) similar challenges in this year’s elections. Our own analysis from the 2020 US Elections showed that the platforms did ‘too little, too late’ when it came to tackling misinformation. Will Big Tech companies put in the same effort for the Bundestag election? And if not, what does that mean for democratic elections around the world?

Now, we want to hear from you. We’re hosting a panel conversation with misinformation and election experts about the Bundestag election, and as a member of the Mozilla community in Germany, we want to know what questions about the role Big Tech companies may play in the upcoming German election.

Will you tell us what you’re thinking about Big Tech’s role in the Bundestag election?