Is Snap stealing our feelings?

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Stealing UR Feelings is an exploration of the possibilities and concerns around consumer tech companies quantifying people’s emotions – potentially without our knowledge at all.

Everyone should be able to easily access information about how companies use their personal data including whether or not they capture and store facial expressions and make inferences about people’s moods or emotions. Mozilla is working with the creator of Stealing UR Feelings, Noah Levenson, to shed light on potential uses and misuses of emotion detection technology. We also want to hold companies to account so that users can understand and control when and how emotion detection is used.

We’re starting with one of the biggest players featured in Stealing UR Feelings. Snapchat is a hugely popular app with more than 200 million daily active users. Is Snapchat already using emotion detection in its app? We don’t know. Snap, Inc. uses vague, broad language in its privacy policy that allows it to use and tag our photos in any number of ways.

Everyone should have the right to know how companies like Snap collect and analyze data about their faces – especially if companies are using that data to infer how you feel.

Sign the petition to Snap demanding that it publicly disclose to consumers whether or not it is already using emotion recognition technology in its app.

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