Privacy isn't negotiable

Privacy isn't negotiable

The Ministry of Electronics and IT is currently making final edits to the data protection bill before it makes its way to Parliament in the Winter Session. It's up to us to to make the bill stronger.

While the bill is strong in many ways, it has loopholes that could undo all the progress it makes. This is why we need to ensure that the bill is strengthened before it gets tabled in the Parliament in less than a month

Click on the Tweets below to ask Minister of Electronics and IT RS Prasad to edit the bill to make it stronger:

[email protected] before the #PrivacyBill is tabled, I demand amendments in the bill to ensure the independence of the Data Protection Authority that will decide who is fined for misusing my data #PrivacyFirst

Ahead of the Winter Session, I demand edits in the privacy bill to allow me the right to object to certain kinds of processing of my data @rsprasad #PrivacyFirst #PrivacyBill

The #PrivacyBill should not exempt all government services from obtaining our consent. Section 13 & 19 must be amended @rsprasad #PrivacyFirst