Privacy isn't negotiable

Privacy isn't negotiable

India’s first data protection bill could be introduced in Parliament any day now. This bill will be India's first comprehensive data protection law, which is desperately needed given the current vacuum of legal protections around personal data.

This is huge -- while it’s a step forward in many ways, the bill urgently needs edits to effectively uphold our privacy. However, once the bill moves to the Parliament, it could pass without these changes in a matter of days.

That’s why Mozilla is joining concerned community members to directly petition the Parliament to ensure that the Bill addresses our concerns, which include:

  • Lack of independence of the enforcement authority;
  • Missing rights like the right to object to data processing;
  • Legal protections to prevent unchecked surveillance by intelligence agencies;
  • Blanket data localization requirement

Sign this petition to demand that the Bill be sent to a Standing Committee of MPs for a thorough review to address these concerns. This will also allow external experts and the public to make recommendations to strengthen the Bill. The full text of the petition is available here.

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