Privacy isn't negotiable

Privacy isn't negotiable

Send a Postcard for Privacy

It’s go time! We anticipate that the Data Protection bill will be tabled in this Parliament session (June 17th - July 26th). This is huge -- while it’s a step forward in many ways, the bill urgently needs edits to effectively uphold our privacy and needs to be sent to a standing committee for further review.

As a strong and loud community we are planning a postcard action to be sent to Members of Parliament as soon as the bill is introduced, urging them to demand that the bill is sent to the Standing Committee for a thorough review. This will provide an opportunity to highlight the concerns of citizens and experts on the content of the bill!


  1. Download the postcard files (front & back) and get them printed on 300 gsm matte finish paper. Size: 14.5 cm X 10 cm.
  2. Gather your community members, peers, friends etc and fill in the postcards together (any citizen can participate!)
  3. Leave the name of the MP blank for now (we will manually add these in closer the date of when the bill is introduced).
  4. In the box ‘Our Concern’ we recommend you choose one of these 4 points.
    1. Lack of independence of the regulator
    2. Right to object to processing of data
    3. Lack of protections against government use of data & surveillance
    4. Blanket data localization
  5. Sign your name & state at the bottom of the postcard
  6. On the front side of the bill feel free to write a message (in english or your regional language)
  7. Take pictures of your group signing postcards, these will be shared as part of our press release with the media.
  8. Using a courier service (e.g. DTDC) send the filled postcards in express delivery to: Alok Ranjan, K1/82 C R Park Main Road, New Delhi 110019
  9. Send the tracking number of the courier + pictures from the signing to Alok Ranjan ( OR Telegram @alokranjan30)

This is part of a broader movement for a healthy internet. See more.