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By Mozilla | May 15, 2020 | Moz News Beat

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Dog Gone Good

Scottish sportscaster Andrew Cotter brings back the quarantine laughs with his dogs Mabel and Olive, this time giving a Zoom meeting performance review of his two pups. Via Twitter

You Had Me At Nachos

Celebrity food guy Guy Fieri and everyone’s favorite actor Bill Murray face-off in a nacho cook-off for charity judged by Terry Crews and Shaquille O'Neal. Talk about must see TV! Via Mashable

Office Slacker

A wacky group is recreating all 201 episodes of The Office on Slack over the next few weeks. Join their Dunder Mifflin Slack and pop in and out of the various channels to view it live. Via The Verge


Vox did a deep dive into all the memes keeping us laughing and sane during our coronavirus quarantine by fitting them all into the Choose Your Quarantine House meme. Via Vox

Deepfake Doubletake

Two experts note that deepfakes haven’t become as big a factor in the spread of disinformation as once feared. The reasons: simpler, cheaper forms of disinformation are easier spread and AIs have gotten better at spotting deepfakes. Via NPR

Confusing the Machines

AI models that automate things like inventory management, marketing, and fraud detection are getting all messed up thanks to our odd behaviour during the coronavirus pandemic. Via MIT Technology Review

Mental Toll

Facebook agreed in a legal settlement to pay $52 million to content moderators for mental health issues developed on the job. Each moderator will get at least $1,000, more if they are diagnosed with PTSD. Via The Verge

TikTok Crazy

Viral media platform TikTok--known for crazy popular dance videos favored by Gen Z--has also become a hotbed for coronavirus conspiracy theories and misinformation. Via Rolling Stone

Shoppers Beware

Credit card transaction data is the holy grail for marketers, leading credit card companies to track shoppers like never before. This has resulted in a rise of services to help consumers privatize their shopping data. Via Fast Company

Doctor Patient Privacy

More people are accessing mental health support online during the pandemic. Unfortunately, protections to keep sensitive mental health info shared online private isn’t keeping up with the times. Via Slate

Required Downloading

India’s coronavirus contact tracing app started off as voluntary for users to download. Now it’s becoming mandatory, with up to 6 months in jail for violators, and citizens are upset. Via Wired UK

Vaccine Battlefront

The media savvy anti-vaxx movement is already spreading lots of disinformation about a potential coronavirus vaccine. To counter that, an equally savvy pro-vaccine movement needs to start mobilizing now. Via NY Times

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