The Internet Health Report is an “open source” initiative that thrives on your input and ideas. We heard from many people that they wanted clearer pathways for contributing to the report. And so, in September, we launched a “Public Call for Ideas” for the 2019 version — beginning with an “Ask Me Anything” session on Twitter and continuing via Web form and email.

We received around 300 submissions over a few short weeks in four languages: English, French, Spanish and German. You can see examples of many of the great ideas shared below.

Thank you!! This was overwhelmingly helpful and thoughtful input. What we received ranged from links to studies, books and articles, to personal opinions about what would make the internet healthier. Many ideas also centered on different technologies, software or Web standards.

There were some trends in the types of ideas people submitted: many were concerned with digital ad transparency and ad blocking. Ideas were also frequently related to identity, anonymity (both for and against) and being able to see and understand where news comes from.

There were ideas for new economic models for Web platforms and especially email services (for example, to pay a fee not to be tracked), support for initiatives that encourage people to “disconnect” and concerns over the powers of social media platforms to “censor.”

We also received ideas on copyright, the dominance of internet service providers and other internet intermediaries, questions about net neutrality, internet infrastructure and a reflection on what it would be like for the internet to be more freely accessible, like radio.

We can’t include everything, but if you submitted an idea, you can be sure that we have read it and considered how to incorporate either the exact material or the general concern. And all ideas have been logged in our ideas database which we will revisit in the future too.

Over the next several months we’re digging into research and writing, consulting and meeting with countless colleagues, Mozilla fellows, organizational allies and friends who have additional expert perspectives on the issues. Stay tuned for a new health report in Spring 2019. In the meantime, if you have any questions about how to get involved in the 2019 report, email us at: [email protected].


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