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Safety First

In support of the Black Lives Matter protests around the world, developers have been quick to build free tools to blur faces and strip metadata to protect the privacy of those protesting. Here’s a guide. Via TechCrunch

Reddit’s Racism

Hundreds of moderators on Reddit this week demanded the platform—which is known to house many racist, hateful, and misogynistic communities in the name of free expression—enact a sitewide policy against racism, slurs, and hate speech.. Via Business Insider

Source Hacking

The same bad actors who spread disinformation online about the coronavirus are also spreading disinformation about the Black Lives Matter protests. One favored tactic of these groups is called “source hacking” where trolls mimic the patterns of their opponents. Via MIT Technology Review

Stuck in Neutral

The murder of George Floyd has forced the editor community at Wikipedia to rethink what a commitment to neutrality means as it struggles to represent the world fairly with its decentralized editing process. Via Slate

Video for Change

Cell phone video of police brutality puts in full view the problem for the world to see. How do we now convert these videos from outrage to real change? Here’s a solid three-pronged approach. Via MIT Technology Review

Not Trustworthy AI

A leader of Google’s ethical AI team thinks facial recognition should be banned right now for law enforcement purposes, in part because of the huge error rates between lighter-skinned men and darker-skinned women. Via NY Times

Do No Harm

The increased use of surveillance tech at racial justice protests has brought to the forefront issues around lax oversight of technology like harm and inequality. One expert makes the argument that democratically regulating technology is inherently vital to democracy. Via Wired

Body Cam Slam

Civil rights activists warn police body cams could be used as surveillance tools against people exercising their rights to free speech. They see civilian cell phone video as a better tool to hold police accountable. Via CNET

Big Blue Leads The Way

IBM announced this week in a public letter to the US Congress that it is getting out the facial recognition business citing concerns about how this technology is used by law enforcement. Via Vox Recode

Amazon Follows

Amazon announced this week it will suspend the use of the company’s facial recognition technology by law enforcement for one year to give lawmakers time to pass regulations on its use by police. Via BuzzFeed News

The Racist Nextdoor

Community social network app Nextdoor has a well known racism problem that’s grown worse during the recent racial justice protests, causing Black members to feel increasingly unsafe in their own neighborhoods. Via The Verge

End On A Lighter Note

A Golden Retriever named Kevin likes to hang out in his very cute duck hat. This week, Kevin and his duck hat got to hang out with a baby named Hank and his duck suit. Cuteness ensued. Via Hindustan Times

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