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About Sums It Up

One cute kitten and one happy dog curled up together and decided to reenact 2020 in 10 seconds of video. Watch it and you’ll be like, “Yup, same. ” Via Twitter

Now That’s Helpful

Doomscrolling on your phone way too much for your own sanity these days? Vice put together a handy guide to help you get off your damn phone with tips like treating your phone, like, you know, a phone, not a computer. Via Vice

Earthquake Alert!

Google is turning Android phones into the world’s largest earthquake detection system. Using millions of phone’s built-in accelerometers to sense Earth’s vibrations could give people a short but critical warning to duck and cover before an earthquake strikes. Via Ars Technica

Good-Hearted Gamers

New research shows gamers who support causes like Black Lives Matter are more likely to stand up to toxic behavior when gaming online. Bad news though, only 20% of the gamers surveyed said they are likely to strongly call out harassment from fellow gamers. Via Wired

Dr. Computer

Psychiatrists are studying how computers can spot mental health issues with unnerving accuracy by analyzing the words people use. It could mean a breakthrough for psychiatric diagnosis with some huge privacy implications. Via MIT Technology Review

Binders Full of Floppy Discs

Some Boeing airplanes still get software updates from 3.5-inch floppy disks. Which sounds scary until you realize it was only last year the US military stopped using 8-inch floppy disks to manage their nuclear weapons systems. 😳 Via Gizmodo

Rich To Be Forgotten

One German princess got drunk, went on a hate-filled rant about killing Muslims that made its way onto the internet, then had lawyers spend hours making Google remove the search results -- highlighting how the rich have more access to privacy than the rest of us. Via Vice


Recent talk about banning Chinese apps in the US has some experts worried about the future of the global internet. This so-called ‘Splinternet’ could mean more countries building borders around their internet to better control what information can be shared. Very scary. Via BBC

Changes At Mozilla

This week the Mozilla Corporation laid-off 250 good people due to recent economic conditions and investments in new product development. This won’t stop us fighting for the good of the internet. It just means we’ll be doing it with heavy hearts for a while. Via Mozilla & Mozilla Talent Directory

Blackout In Belarus

A controversial election in Belarus led to widespread protests and an internet blackout. The government cut the free flow of information by shutting down foreign media outlets and social media like Twitter and Whatsapp to crush protests. We should all be paying attention. Via New Yorker

Facebook Confession

Facebook admitted this week COVID-19 misinfo is a HUGE problem on the platform. From April to June they removed 7 million pieces of coronavirus misinfo and slapped warning labels on 98 million more. Bonkers! Via Mashable

Misinformation Kills

A new medical journal study shows that coronavirus misinfo kills. It estimates 5,800 people around the world were admitted to hospitals because of false information about the virus and at least 800 people died in three months because of this misinformation. Via BBC

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