Metaverse or Metaverse Dialogues and Debates Graphic

"Metaverse" is a buzzword that most of us have probably heard by now, but underneath all the hype, there’s curiosity surrounding whether it will live up to the grand expectations that have been attached to it. Will it be more inclusive and comparatively better than the physical world? Or will it shape up to be a space that breeds more of the same racial, gender and social inequalities that currently exist?

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  • The Metaverse vs the Publicservice internet
    This is a open discussion about the public values of new technologies like the potential of a Metaverse. Do they serve a greater purpose or only benefit the privileged few? They say Technology is neutral, through this discussion we will put this to the test.

  • Making a Metaverse: Considerations for Building Safe, Inclusive, and Open Virtual Worlds
    It’s impossible to deny that the “metaverse” is having a moment. Join members of the Mozilla Hubs team and larger immersive technology space in a conversation about the opportunities (and challenges) of building virtual spaces for the web, different interpretations of what the term “metaverse” means, and how we can take steps today to ensure that we are building inclusive, accessible spaces for all.

  • Mozilla Plenary: metaverse or Metaverse™?
    As the internet evolves, what will it look like — and who will it benefit? Will it be a Metaverse™, owned and built by only a few and perpetuating the ills of today’s internet? Will it be a metaverse, built and governed collectively? Or, is the premise of a metaverse inherently flawed — a shiny trope that distracts us from confronting the colonial, extractive nature that pervades so many of our digital technologies?

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