Since 2019, Mozilla has been calling on Apple to make a fundamental, privacy-protecting change for all users: eliminating advertisers’ ability to track users across apps. To do this, we’ve asked Apple to reset its Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA), the feature that enables the online version of a salesperson following you from store to store and noting every item you look at. Creepy.

In recent months, Apple committed to give users more control of their privacy and just announced that this important change known as App Tracking Transparency will be enabled by default on iOS in early spring. It’s a huge win for consumer privacy. More than 40,000 Mozilla supporters joined together to thank Apple and say “stand strong.”

As you can imagine, ‘petition deliveries’ are a little different during a pandemic, so we created this video instead of an in-person delivery. Watch it now:

Even if you didn’t sign the petition, you can help spread the word by sharing the video now. Apple may be the first, but we don’t want them to be the last. By demonstrating strong support from users for this change, we can support Apple and others in strengthening user privacy.

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