Despite the fact that many people on the planet are digital netizens, the necessity for data literacy, equal access and accessibility of education continues to rise. With this challenge in mind, five Wranglers from India, Kenya, Mexico and Sri Lanka have joined forces at MozFest 2023 to create a space where people can learn to take control of their data!

If you are new to MozFest, you need to know that it is a unique hybrid: part art, tech and society convening, part maker festival, and the premiere gathering for activists in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world. Within the festival, Wranglers have created 9 spaces at MozFest, which function as mini-festivals - each with a specific thematic focus. If you are reading this, we are excited to welcome you to the Education & Access Space!

What is the “Education & Access” Space about?

For us, education is a very important topic where there are lots of gaps to be filled even with easy and cheap access to the internet. As a team we perceive a lack of awareness in our regions about digital literacy, and would like to see a multigenerational engagement in a field where there are tons of resources but people just don't know where to begin.

To build a space that reflects our different contexts and help us make a difference, we’re asking ourselves:

  • Do you think that the widespread use of the internet has made education equally accessible to everyone? If not, why? And how can it be achieved?
  • What are the awareness gaps that should be addressed, to ensure that everyone can benefit from internet and AI-based technologies?
  • How do we help educate communities to make them aware of how their data has been used by Big Tech?

Having this in mind, the thematic Education & Access Space focuses on raising global, multi-generational awareness to take control of our data.

Graphic with a laptop sitting on a stack of books with text on the left hand side

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a variety of offerings that are participatory, accessible and inclusive that highlight tools and products, case studies, and research that broaden people's experience to learn, engage, and raise awareness about data literacy, equal access, and accessibility of education.

For example, some of the ideas that run in our heads are:

  • Facilitating education for people in marginalized groups.
  • Raising internet awareness among both young and old people.
  • Influencing Big Tech to explain their AI with more readable text.

These types of sessions are relevant because, while internet access is easily available and affordable, that is not always the same for opportunities for education (both online and offline). Restrictions by governments, language, age and cultural barriers, and business practices of the Big Tech are some reasons that prevent equal access to Internet awareness and education.

Given the wide variety of such issues, we are very excited to hear from communities and people who want to change this situation.

Who are we looking to invite to our Space

Everyone is welcome, especially those who work on education for people with less access and those who use innovative/radical approaches such as: teachers, policy makers, community leaders, activists, parents, children… basically everybody who cares about education.

We encourage anyone and everyone to come up with proposals that engage these people, and have plans for building movements or taking action by forming teams with them.

Get Involved

So, are you up for the challenge to bring education and access at MozFest 2023? We know you are!

Join us to shed light on how anyone can take control of their data at MozFest 2023. The breakout sessions and formats will provide the audience with knowledge and tools to advocate for organizations to be responsible in their practices, and start providing data literacy tools in your local communities.

If you have any questions about the space, please contact us at [email protected], and join our #education-and-access Slack Channel where you can share useful resources, connect with the amazing MozFest community and spark conversations!

About the Authors

Mar is curious and passionate about the intersection between technology and social studies. Her professional and personal experiences have been around peace culture, education, cybersecurity, reproductive and sexual rights, and civic technology.

She currently wears multiple hats as the Communications Lead at Code for All, a Women Techmaker Ambassador, and Comms & Strategic Projects Associate at her city’s local Citizen Observatory.

Chamin is a MozFest volunteer who is interested in Education and Privacy. Also wants to meet Totoro some day.

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