This holiday season, Amazon Ring is offering numerous sales and discounts to entice people to buy into its home and neighborhood surveillance system.

Most consumers don’t realize the risks that come with their new Ring doorbell or other device – so we created a holiday-inspired video to help people see that surveillance actually… is all around. Watch it now and share it with your friends and family (and if you haven't yet signed the petition calling for Ring to sever its police ties, you can do that too).

Consumers deserve to know how the internet-connected devices they buy for peace of mind can actually create massive surveillance networks. Just recently, police in Jackson, Mississippi announced a pilot program to live-stream footage from home security cameras, including Ring devices. Additionally, Amazon Ring partners with more than 1300 law enforcement departments around the country – and may even contribute to racist policing. That's why Mozilla launched a campaign calling on Amazon Ring to end its police partnership program. You can learn more and sign the petition here.