Miss the Open Leaders X launch party at MozFest last month? We got you!

After some audio issues streaming at the festival, the inaugural community-run open leaders programs will be re-sharing the launch of their programs! Learn about each program and how to apply to learn leadership practices and skills for projects across the open ecosystem including open art, open hardware, and open science.

We'll be streaming two cohort calls:

Cohort A

Tuesday, November 5th at 2pm ET / 19:00 UTC


Read more about the 10 new open leadership programs:

Accessible Online Security

Open Leaders: Accessible Online Security

As from January 2020, we will be running an Online Security training and mentorship program. We will focus on Cybersecurity, Secure online communications, Tech Policy and Open by design. Our 14 week program has been designed to engage our participants on these topics weekly. Our participants will have access to:

  • Mentors and coaches from the cybersecurity field.
  • Resources on digital safety
  • Guidance on Open by design for their projects to ensure inclusion and participation.

Therefore, we aim to mentor and train Open Leaders who will be the new voices of Openness and Digital Safety globally.

Our project focuses on mentoring participants to create open projects to champion for accessible online security. By becoming a contributor, mentor, coach or participant, we will work hand in hand to promote Internet Health.

Organizers: Brian Obilo, Selina Musuta, Maurine Chepkoech

Healthier AI

Healthier AI

It is a 15 week mentoring and training program inspired by Mozilla Open Leaders that will help participants drive conversations about ethics in data science, machine learning and AI. The participants will be creating environments, curricula and tools that support community dialogue around ethics challenges and we hope to translate findings into actionable principles - and to hold each other accountable.The participants will be involved in projects that empower them to become Healthier AI advocates and voice expectations for responsible data use and to bring data practitioners together.

Organizers: Pranshu Khanna, Shina Dhingra

Open Arts

COSA Community Leaders Program

The Clinic for Open Source Arts (COSA) is excited to announce our Community Leaders Program for 2020. We will be focused on training leaders for the communities surrounding open source creative tools, emphasizing accessibility, inclusiveness, education, contribution, and sustainability.Our goal is to empower people to build new communities or step into existing ones with the tools and skills to guide those communities. They will interface between the creators of projects and the many types of contributors including those that code, those that educate, those that help, and those that share.

Open source tools for artists are part of the online ecosystem and support creativity around the world.

Organizer: Christopher Coleman

Open Campaigning for Internet Health

Community Leaders for Internet Health

Community Leaders for Internet Health aims to engage youth from underserved groups on the issues of Internet Health in their communities. Through this 6 weeks program, participants will collaboratively learn open leadership models necessary for raising awareness on the impact of the Internet on society. The participants will also receive guidance on open campaigning for the Internet Health Report from their assigned mentors

At the end of the program, the participants will receive certificates of participation and encouraged to continue growing in the Mozilla Internet Health Report community.

Community Leaders for Internet Health will spotlight internet issues in diverse local community contexts whilst collaborating with Community Leaders to engage with tools for open campaigning towards Internet Health.

Organizers: Esther Mwema, Uffa Modey

Open Educational Resources

IndieWeb and OER

As part of our collaborative effort to help reduce the cost of education in Ghana, We will organise a 10-week mentorship training at some selected universities to recruit the next generation open leaders in Ghana. Every member of the community will get a free website!As users begin to curate and create OER on their own sites, the author or the member of the community may want to add it to our collective knowledge base Wiki (GOIF Network). Take a full control of your online identity, help reduce the cost of education in Ghana.Applications opens January 6th. want to support? get in touch.

Protect your contents, take control your online identity. We believe that the indieWeb provides a perfect direction for our work in open educational resources (OER) in Ghana. Adopting OER in Ghana will help reduce the cost of education.

Organizers: Greg Mcverry, Sadik Shahadu

Open Hardware

Join Open Leaders Hardware: take your hardware project to the next level

The first cohort of Open Leaders: Hardware starts January 2020! We’re looking for teams with an ongoing hardware project or a solid project design in mind. From project design to documentation, FOSS tools, user validation, community building and making your work findable, we will help you take your project to the next level by adopting the best available practices. We will guide your journey through 1:1 mentorship sessions, access to tutorials, dedicated educational materials and a wide network of people like you, passionate about making open source hardware the default worldwide.

We're a creating a network of people running projects following the best practices of open source... Into the material world! Plus a pool of open resources on how to do it, including using FOSH for hardware design.

Organizers: Jose Carlos Urra Llanusa, Alexander Kutschera, André Maia Chagas, Juli Arancio

Open Innovation for Reasearch

eLife Innovation Leaders 2020

An open leadership and mentorship programme for innovators developing open-source prototypes and projects for open science and research communication – February to June 2020.

Based on the Mozilla Open Leadership Training Series, this programme is designed to offer:

  • a personalised experience with one-on-one mentorship;
  • a shared co-learning journey;
  • theory and practice in open leadership, project design, community engagement and more; and
  • opportunities to be supported beyond the programme.

Find out more and apply by Dec 8, 2019.

If you wish to turn your open science and research communication tool/project idea into reality, this programme is for you.

Organizer: Emmy Tsang

Open Life Science

Open Life Science

The Open Life Science program helps early stage researchers and potential academic leaders to become Open Science ambassadors. Participants of this 15-week mentoring & training program learn essential knowledge required to create, lead, and sustain an Open Science project, connect with members across different communities, backgrounds, and identities by sharing their experiences and expertise. Participants are empowered to become effective Open Science ambassadors in their communities.

We are recruiting for our first cohort to start in January 2020, but also mentors and open science experts.

Help teach others to lead openly

Organizers: Malvika Sharan, Bérénice Batut, Yo Yehudi

Open Post Academics

Open Post Academic Mentorship Program!

The OPA mentorship program helps people with a PhD in the social sciences and humanities share their skills and knowledge more openly. Participants in this 8 week program will expand their social networks outside of the academic system, learn how to translate their skills to address pressing problems and create an open project to share their knowledge.

Recruiting for our first cohort in January 2020 and applications will open November 1st. Looking for mentors as well as an expert pool who are willing to network. We also welcome funding conversations.

Open research matters and folks who are post acs have a lot to contribute.

Organizer: Beth Duckles

Open Source

POSSE: People in Open Source Software & Engineering

POSSE is a peer mentorship programme that empowers OSS participants with skills in open leadership as well as practical knowledge and tools for building healthy, sustainable open source communities.The POSSE programme will cover principles in open leadership, open source licenses, metrics to measure community and project health, ways to grow your community, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability.

Organizer: Kara de la Marck