Almost all of us are working, researching, and networking from home right now. And so many of the events that the internet health movement looks forward to each year are being canceled or postponed.

For that reason, Mozilla is taking Dialogues & Debates -- our speaker series portion of MozFest -- virtual. It’s a chance to continue the important conversations about online privacy, trustworthy AI, Big Tech, and similar topics.

Our most recent Dialogues & Debates, on April 28, was titled “Trustworthy Technology in the Time of a Pandemic” and featured Berlin-based Mozilla Fellow Frederike Kaltheuner. As a Mozilla Fellow, Frederike is examining applications of AI systems that classify, judge, and evaluate people’s identities, feelings, and emotions, in order to uncover where and how such technology is currently deployed. Before joining Mozilla, Frederike was a director at Privacy International in London, where she led the organisation’s strategic work on corporate surveillance and emerging technology.

During the virtual Dialogues & Debates, Frederike answered questions on Twitter submitted by our community. Questions and answers addressed contact tracing, whether privacy and public health are a zero sum game, whether face masks thwart facial recognition tech, and far more.

Watch the recording below, and find the full transcript of the event here. Learn more about Dialogues & Debates here.

Trustworthy Technology in the Time of a Pandemic