Got Misinformation? Got Measles?

The spread of misinformation online is a devastating problem all around the world. The anti-vaccine movement is an interesting place to dig in to understand how this problem operates. We’ve put together a reading list to help educate so you are better equipped to spot misinformation online - on any issue - and fight back against it.

Here is our reading list:

Who Is Spreading Misinformation and Why?

Ask Renée DiResta--Mozilla Fellow on Misinformation--Your Misinformation Questions:

If you have any more questions about misinformation online, Renée DiResta has agreed to answer questions submitted. Please submit a question. We will share her answers to your question back out in the next couple of weeks.

As internet citizens, we all bear some responsibility to learn how to spot misinformation, report it, and make sure we, ourselves, aren’t spreading it. However, as Renée DiResta, Wired writer, Mozilla Fellow and expert on the spread of misinformation in the anti-vaccination movement points out, responsibility for deterring the spread of misinformation online also lies at the feet of the internet platforms--Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, etc--that allow misinformation to spread so far and wide. We should all educate ourselves on this issue.

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