Mozilla, Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University, and Cybersecurity for Democracy are co-hosting a discussion about what's ahead for platform transparency

Internet platforms dominated the headlines in 2021. Revelations from whistleblowers and independent researchers demonstrated how platforms failed to curb mis- and disinformation about public health, eating disorders, political violence and beyond. And one common thread connected so many of these stories: transparency — or rather, the lack of it.

Platforms like Facebook have an outsized influence on individuals and society at large. Yet there’s dangerously little insight into how they operate: who’s paying for political ads, what content receives the most engagement, why their algorithms behave the way they do.

In this panel, four experts from civil society will discuss the importance of making platform transparency a reality in 2022 — and the path to get there. Panelists from Mozilla, NYU’s Cybersecurity for Democracy, Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University, and National Hispanic Media Coalition will discuss a three-pronged approach for making platform transparency a reality.

Viewers can watch the January 19 panel Mozilla Foundation's Twitter and YouTube.

The 60-minute panel will feature:

Laura Edelson, Co-Director, NYU’s Cybersecurity for Democracy

Ramya Krishnan, Staff Attorney, Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University

Marshall Erwin, Chief Security Officer, Mozilla

Martin Rivera, Senior Policy Counsel, National Hispanic Media Coalition

and Mozilla moderator Xavier Harding