A Note on Mozilla Fellowships in 2020

Melissa Huerta
Amy Schapiro Raikar

By Melissa Huerta and Amy Schapiro Raikar | June 1, 2020 | Fellowships & Awards

Since 2013 Mozilla has called for visionary technologists to join our Fellowship program, with recruitment mostly beginning in the first half of the year. You may have noticed that this year we launched a new Tech + Society focus, and have not yet opened applications for open-web activists, open-source scientists, and tech policy specialists. Many of you have reached out with questions, and we’re excited by your enthusiasm! In response, here’s some of our thinking around Fellowships this year.

We are currently seeking applications from strategic, systems-minded technologists for the Tech + Society focus. We’re looking for Fellows across 8 countries with a passion for strengthening civil society organizations at the intersection of technology and societal issues. Read more here and please share! Applications are due June 9th.

With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting communities around the world, we are committed to supporting our current cohort of fellows as they grapple with sudden changes to privacy norms, surveillance technologies, and their own lives. So much of our Fellows’ experiences are enriched by meeting other practitioners at conferences, however due to travel restrictions, Fellows are shifting to connecting solely online. To encourage and facilitate online engagement, we have offered the option for current fellows to extend their fellowship through the end of 2020. Fellows will continue to work on their projects and strive to drive the impact they envision.

Amidst the current public health crisis, we have also been reminded of just how central the internet has become to our lives. It has also reinforced why the work our fellows are doing is so important -- and needed.

Over the next few months Mozilla will be designing new strategic ways to catalyze collective action and challenge the status quo. You can expect to see recruitment for new fellows later this fall.

Looking ahead, MozFest is moving to Amsterdam next March. We aim to bring future Fellows together in person (assuming we’re in a post-pandemic world), and build on new opportunities and relationships.

In the meantime, there are many ways to engage with Mozilla:

  • We’re asking our community to help us collaboratively and openly figure out how to get to a world where AI and big data work quite differently than they do today -- read our white paper and share your comments here.
  • The Grant for the Web program is investing heavily in changing the business model of the web, and is calling for proposals.
  • The Mozilla Builders Incubator is looking to invest in people, projects, and technologies that shape the internet and have a positive impact without having to only worry about the bottom line.
  • We also encourage you to stay up-to-date on coverage and news about Mozilla Fellowships and Awards (updated monthly).

As communities settle into a “new normal,” we’re looking forward to meeting new technologists with a vision to bring the next frontier of public interest technology closer to reality. We hope you’ll join us to build this future together.

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