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Taking A Paws

Last week we brought you a contemplative cat. This week we’ve got one for the dog lovers. This fluffster climbed to the top of a mountain and is now wondering — well, who knows what. As Mallory notes on TikTok, the pupper “stayed like this for two minutes.”

Via @mal_lo_ry_ on TikTok

Only Bans

By now you’ve probably heard the OnlyFans news. The platform known for sexual content chose to ban exactly that and then, nearly a week later, took it back. The question is why? A new story by Recode notes that it’s unclear why OnlyFans needed to make the change in the first place. While OnlyFans put the onus on Mastercard, the credit card company spoke up, saying they never had any conversation with OnlyFans.

Via Vox’s Recode


Deviant AI

DeviantArt is using AI to stop NFT theft. You know NFT’s, those one-of-a-kind digital goods that live on the blockchain and have sizable carbon footprints. Some are even considered art. Unsurprisingly, bad actors are taking it upon themselves to take the work of digital artists and turn them into NFTs that they resell without permission. The artist site DeviantArt is using AI tools plus human moderators to spot dupes.

Via Vice’s Motherboard

Domestic Tracking

The US government plans on expanding its use of facial recognition systems by 2023. A 90-page report published this week by the country’s Government Accountability Office includes a survey of 24 federal agencies — 18 already employ facial recognition tech, 10 plan to increase their use of the tools. MIT Tech Review points to research that says how facial recognition software is less accurate on people with darker skin, women, old people and young people.

Via MIT Tech Review

Worldwide Tracking

Clearview AI is one of the biggest names in facial recognition for law enforcement agencies in the US and a new report from BuzzFeed News shows how the company has been working to expand its footprint. According to the article, the US company sought out law enforcement agencies in places like Australia, Brazil and the UK to expand the use of its products.

Via BuzzFeed News


Employees at Apple are taking a stand against the company’s handling of internal harassment and discrimination. Via a site and the hashtag #AppleToo, employees are speaking up about injustices within the company. “We’ve exhausted all internal avenues,” reads the statement. “It’s time to Think Different.” Over 300 employee responses poured in on just the site’s launch day alone.

Via The Verge

Milk Crate Dangerous Fate

You know the milk crate challenge you’ve been seeing everywhere online? Yeah, don’t do that. At least that’s what doctors have been saying. The new challenge sees participants running up a flight of milk crates and running back down (hopefully) unscathed. When it goes badly however, doctors say it can be worse than falling off a ladder.

Via The Guardian

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