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  • We announced nine judges who will select winners of the Responsible Computing Challenge in India. Read more here.
  • Read the MozFest House Kenya Wrap-Up and see the highlights of the event here.
  • Common Voice announced the winners of the “Wanawake Mashujaa'' Competition. The winners hail from Tanzania, Kenya and DRC and were selected by a panel of African linguists. Essays will be added to Mozilla's Common Voice text corpus to enrich its Kiswahili data set and broaden its gender diversity. Read more here.
  • Mozilla’s Responsible Computing Challenge held a United States Summit at Harvard University. Together with partners and grantees we gathered for two days of community and critical engagement. Read more here.
  • We announced 15 New Responsible Computing Challenge Awardees in the U.S. Together with partners, we are providing $2,225,000 in funding for college and university curricula that reimagine computing education. Read more here.
  • Mozilla published itsAI Funding Principles — institutional lessons learned from five years and $75 million of trustworthy AI grantmaking around the globe. Read more here.
  • Listen to the latest episode of the IRL podcast. In it, we dive into dilemmas of openness and speak with people who have ideas on how to approach it differently, including from our own Common Voice community. Listen in for perspectives on how AI voice tech can intersect with language as resistance, and how openness can help as well as hinder.

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