Kathy Pham
Kathy Pham

Building an internet that works for all requires far more than sophisticated software. It requires technology that is also fair, just, transparent, responsible, and accessible. And it requires public servants who are devoted to these ideals.

That’s why Mozilla applauds Kathy Pham’s new role as Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Product and Engineering at the Federal Trade Commission. At a time when so many technologists’ first question is “is it possible?” Kathy asks a far more important question: “Is it responsible?

Mozilla has benefited immensely from Kathy’s intellect and zeal over the past several years. Kathy joined Mozilla in 2018 as a Senior Fellow. In that role, Kathy was essential in successfully building, launching, and running the Responsible Computer Science Challenge. The Challenge is an ambitious initiative to integrate ethics into undergraduate computing curricula through an interdisciplinary approach — and Kathy made it a reality. To date, the Challenge has fueled change at universities across the United States, and supports a Global Community of Practice in Teaching Responsible Computing.

Kathy was also a relentless mentor within Mozilla. She co-founded Mozilla Builders’ Fix the Internet Incubator, providing vital support to dozens of people and projects who are building software for the public good.

And Kathy is no stranger to public service. She was instrumental in building the United States Digital Service, which uses technology to unlock opportunities for the federal government and millions of people. Kathy is also an adjunct lecturer of product management at Harvard, where she holds appointments as a fellow at the Shorenstein Center, affiliate at the Berkman Klein Center, and faculty affiliate at the Belfer Center.

Kathy is now bringing this impressive skill set and devotion to the FTC, where she will protect consumers online and preserve a fair, competitive internet. Americans are deeply fortunate to have such a smart, fierce, and compassionate advocate.