As the curtain falls on another incredible Mozilla Festival, we are filled with gratitude for everyone who attended, both in person and online. Your enthusiasm and participation were the heartbeat of the festival, making it a remarkable gathering of minds and spirits. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the organizers, speakers, volunteers, and participants who contributed to this year's success.

This year’s theme, Solidarity and Togetherness, emphasized the urgency of collective action. Together, we imagined a future full of opportunity and abundance, a future that prioritizes people and the environment over profit and technology. Through a series of thought-provoking sessions, we delved into critical topics that challenge and inspire us to make impactful changes locally and globally.

Dialogues and Debates

Our Dialogues and Debates were curated to reflect our interconnectedness and shared responsibility in shaping the future. We engaged in provocative, difficult, yet productive conversations about these issues. Here are some ideas that are still resonating:

Mona Chalabi MozFest House Ams
Royal Shakespeare Company D&D
We are Nations

We Are Data

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and data scientist Mona Chalabi led the keynote session, exploring the intersection of journalism and algorithmic ethics. She urged us to look deeply into data, revealing our shared humanity, and to be critical of the information presented by mainstream media.

We Are Nations

The panel on "Mis & Disinformation in Elections & Beyond" featured Emre Kazim, Rachel Carmona, and Ruurd Oosterwoud. They discussed safeguarding electoral integrity and emphasized the power of using online platforms to share accurate information.

We Are Bodies

The Royal Shakespeare Company's art provocation examined AI's impact on performance art, blending live and online elements to challenge our understanding of artistic expression and the human body's role in storytelling.

We Are Life

The "AI Accountability During War" panel featured Marwa Fatafta, Olga Tokariuk, and Kambale Musavuli. They highlighted the need for transparency and accountability in AI deployment during conflicts and underscored the exploitation in tech production.

We Are Planet

Eric Klarenbeek and Andrea Ixchiu discussed the environmental impact of digital expansion, urging sustainable methods that harmonize with nature.

We Are News

Journalism About AI that Centers People and Communities panel featured journalists and researchers like Solana Larsen, Julia Angwin, and Itika Sharma, who discussed the importance of inclusive narratives in AI reporting, focusing on power dynamics and marginalized voices in the AI ecosystem.

We are Life 2
We are News
We are Planet

Interactive Experiences

  • The Ethical Dilemma Café offered free ice cream popsicles in exchange for sharing data.
  • Discovering a map of Netflix shows in Julia Janssen's Mapping the Oblivion and playing Algorithms of Late-Capitalism and the CuteCoins economy, both at the Ethical Dilemma Café.
  • We celebrated Firefox's 20th birthday with cake, selfies, dancing, and Foxy spreading joy.
  • Finding the hidden foxes and interacting with Ottograph’s Build Together mural, a special collaboration with Firefox and the STRAAT Museum.
  • Some art highlights included visitors enjoying art, coffee, with post-it reflections around the How do we build solidarity when all we have is sound installation and Luka Jacke's Hot Air Generator.
  • Exploring global supply chains in Trace: Navigating through digital and physical supply chains.
  • Experiencing the noisy protest of Protest Mushrooms by Krzysztof Wronskidid
  • Jessica Jabr’s installation, Mycelium Intelligence, taught us about networks of care and resilience through the lens of mycelium.
  • Songs of the Living concert by Toshi Reagon with BIGLovely and a community choir featuring local artists. The energy was electric, with everyone singing "Freedom!" in unison.

Session and Workshops

Our 90+ sessions, workshops, and art experiences were curated to amplify voices through technology, heal and restore the planet with justice and tech, ensure AI benefits all, and uplift every community through unified efforts.

The Data Futures Lab Showcase featured four innovative projects from the region, demonstrating how data and AI can empower people and communities. Explore the full session schedule and watch our mainstage sessions on YouTube to catch up on all the insightful discussions and experiences.

Karen Palmer

Thank You

As we reflect on the incredible moments of MozFest House Amsterdam, we are filled with gratitude for everyone who made it possible. This event wouldn't have happened without the invaluable contributions of:

  • Our partners: City of Amsterdam, the Pulitzer Center, the Royal Shakespeare Company, and Waag.
  • Our Wranglers, whose dedication and effort were essential to the festival's success.
  • Our Volunteers, who joined us from near and far, lending their time, energy, and skills.
  • Our local production partners, Bee Agency, ensured everything ran smoothly, including the tech, press, videography, and photography.
  • The Collective Care team, who also curated the Rest is Resistance Sanctuary.
  • The InkDot team, who worked with us on facilitator support resources.
  • Our Dialogues & Debates speakers & moderators, our Facilitators, and all the art installation hosts.
  • Our keynote speaker, Mona Chalabi.
  • Everyone who joined us in-person from different parts of the world.
  • And YOU, for keeping the fire ignited, both online and in person. Your enthusiasm and engagement brought the event to life!

Thank you for being an essential part of our community and for making MozFest House Amsterdam an unforgettable experience.

Share Your Experience

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Looking Ahead: What's Coming Up Next

While this recap touches lightly on the incredible art installations featured at #MozFest, stay tuned for Part 2 of our recap, where we will dive deeper into the mesmerizing artistic expressions and performances that added a unique flavor to MozFest House Amsterdam.


The excitement continues as we prepare for our next MozFest House event in Lusaka, Zambia, this November. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to engage with activists, artists, scholars, and tech enthusiasts from around the world.

Dates and venue will be announced in August, so stay tuned for the announcement.

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We can't wait to see you in Zambia!

Mozilla Festival Team

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