MozFest's signature speaker series will explore collective power as it shapes technological systems, policy, and social and cultural realities – both on and offline.

Dialogues & Debates is MozFest's speakers series — a place for fiery conversations and compelling panels.

On June 20 and 21, we'll host deep discussions about the experience of standing up as a whistleblower in the face of bigtech, building collective knowledge outside of the western canon, deceptive design and regulation in EU, and the cost of life online as it relates to the influencer economy, class, race, culture, and harm . You can watch the Dialogues and Debates panels on the Mozilla Festival Plaza, YouTube, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Below, learn more about our Dialogues & Debates speakers and the schedule:

Keynote by Frances Haugen | Tuesday, June 20 @ 10:30am CET

Featured speaker at MozFest House Amsterdam is Frances Haugen, the Facebook whistleblower who further exposed the platform's ability to incite hatred, spread misinformation, and foment political unrest. Haugen will deliver a keynote presentation and then join a conversation with Mark Surman, President of Mozilla, about the state of the internet.

Frances Haugen

Frances Haugen is a specialist in algorithmic product management, having worked on ranking algorithms at Google, Pinterest, Yelp and Facebook. She was recruited to Facebook to be the lead Product Manager on the Civic Misinformation team, which dealt with issues related to democracy and misinformation, and later also worked on counter-espionage.

During her time at Facebook, Frances became increasingly alarmed by the choices the company makes prioritizing their own profits over public safety and putting people’s lives at risk. As a last resort and at great personal risk, Frances made the courageous decision to blow the whistle on Facebook.

Mark Surman

Mark Surman, President, Mozilla Foundation

Technology of the Living: Intelligence of Voice & Volition | Tuesday, June 20 @ 2pm CET

The panel will examine the humanness of technology, and how it first starts with us. The dialogue will explore voice & language and the ways in which both can feed into the technologies we create, and alternatively how much technology can take away from both. RSVP and watch live here.

A panel featuring:

Toshi Reagon

Toshi Reagon, Musician, composer, curator and producer

Ethel Tawe

Ethel Tawe, Multidisciplinary artist, writer, curator and creative strategist

Kosisochukwu Nnebe

Kosisochukwu Nnebe, Nigerian-Canadian visual artist

J. Bob Alotta

And moderator J. Bob Alotta, Senior VP of Global Programs, Mozilla

Navigating Deceptive Design & Regulation in EU | Wednesday, June 21 @ 10:30am CET

The panel will delve into the policy landscape of the EU, discussing existing regulations and initiatives aimed at curbing these practices. They will examine the strengths and limitations of current policies, exploring how well they address the evolving landscape of deceptive design and dark patterns. RSVP & watch live here.

A panel featuring:

Dries Cuijpers

Dries Cuijpers, Dutch lawyer, currently at the Consumer Division of the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM)

Constanta Rosca

Constanta Rosca, Multidisciplinary PhD researcher at Maastricht University

Kush Amlani

And moderator Kush Amlani, Global Competition and Regulatory Counsel at Mozilla Corporation

Life Online: Race, Class, Fame & Harm | Wednesday, June 21 @ 2pm CET

How has exploitation expanded and adapted from the offline world onto the online matrix? What can be the cost of pursuing fame and influence online? How does discrimination based on race and class continue to impact people’s experiences online? Where do we go from here with the internet and AI infiltrating our lives at an unprecedented speed? Join Seyi Akiwowo and Symeon Brown in a conversation about online exploitation and harm in the age of influencer economy. RSVP and watch live here.

Seyi Akiwowo

Seyi Akiwowo, Founder and CEO of Glitch

Symeon Brown

Symeon Brown, Correspondent on Channel 4 News currently specializes in AI

Carys Afoko

And moderator Carys Afoko, Senior Director, Communications and External Affairs, Mozilla Foundation