Mozilla, in collaboration with Coil, has been supporting two Fellows, Amber Case and Matt Mankins, over the past year to reimagine new models and approaches for supporting content and creators on the web.

Over the past several months, they’ve been on a journey. They explored what incentives and value mean for different types of creators in their communities. They sought to understand what some of the models emerging - like Web Monetization - could make possible and how they are shaping our experiences on the web. And all along the way, they thought deeply about the structures and ecosystems needed to sustain content and services on the web in ways that are not beholden to current data economies.

Supporting creators online doesn’t need to mean subscription fatigue or ads following you around the internet. Please join us on December 14 for a Twitter Spaces discussion around Wweb Mmonetization and the future of creator economies on the web.

Mozilla facilitates a conversation between the two fellows as a way to share where their fellowship journeys led them, what they learned, and how they’re thinking about the future of creator economies on the web.

Starting on Tuesday, December 14th at 10am PST/1pm EST/6pm GMT/1:30pm IST, join us on Twitter for a 45 minute conversation.


Amber Case is Mozilla Fellow exploring how the future of money can generate new business models for creator compensation. Before joining Mozilla, Case held fellowships at the Institute for the Future, MIT Media Lab, and Harvard's Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society. Case is the author of Calm Technology and A Kids Book About Technology.

Matt Mankins is a Mozilla Fellow working on advancing open monetization strategies for the web, fostering technologies to capture value without the involvement of closed platforms. Before joining Mozilla, Mankins was at the publisher Condé Nast where he led global monetization engineering efforts for the company’s iconic brands.


Xavier Harding is a writer on the content team at Mozilla. Formerly, Xavier was a journalist covering consumer tech and the tech industry. In the past, Xavier’s written for Popular Science, BuzzFeed, Lifehacker, Mic, Newsweek, Fortune and Vox. He also hosts the Dialogues and Debates interview series, discussing tech topics like misinformation, contact-tracing and the role technology plays in addressing racial injustices.

Money Makers: How Creators Are Earning Money, Beyond Advertising and Subscriptions

This discussion is part of a collaboration between Mozilla and Coil that seeks to address some of the most serious socio-technical problems online - loss of privacy, centralization of power, and inequalities in participation - that are perpetuated by the dominance of ad-based marketing as the primary business model of the web.