Library shelves, get ready: The Internet Health Report is a book!

By Kasia Odrozek | Aug. 30, 2019 | Insights

IHR book

Today, we are proud to announce that the 2019 Internet Health Report is now published as an open access book by independent academic publisher transcript.

You can download the full report in English for free as an ebook (PDF) or order it as a softcover book shipped worldwide.

In the past, many readers have asked for full downloadable or printable versions of the Internet Health Report, but it’s a lot more content than most people would want to print at home. The report is still best enjoyed online, but if you prefer to read it from cover to cover, now you can!

We are in good company at transcript, which is one of Europe’s leading independent academic publishers. They publish hundreds of titles a year, focusing on cultural studies and the social sciences, history and philosophy –– many that are open access licensed.

Get the 2019 Internet Health Report as a book.

With this new format, we hope to reach even more readers and encourage them to reflect on the health of the internet with us. Already, among librarians and in university classes, we know the Internet Health Report has served as a conversation starter and a framework for writing assignments. We hope the new book can be helpful in supporting more of such activity.

By making its debut on actual book shelves, we are delighted that the Internet Health Report is becoming part of a knowledge archive of both the challenges and solutions surrounding the internet of today. We are thankful to transcript for reaching out to us with this idea.

Thanks also to our many, many contributors and Mozilla’s legal team without whom this book wouldn’t exist. We are beyond happy to be able to hold this work in our hands.

What would you do with a copy of the book?

To celebrate the book launch, we will give away five books to the first five people who send us an email along with their shipping address to:

As always, we love to know how you make use of the Internet Health Report. Let us know! We recently enjoyed The International Federation of Library Associations’ Summary of the 2019 Internet Health Report from the perspective of how internet health affects libraries.