The diversity of the discussions, the art, and the events at MozFest make it unique among other tech events. It is at once a festival of celebration, as well as a space for activists across the globe to gather and share their thoughts, feelings and support for one another’s work to keep the web open, free and healthy for everyone. At MozFest, participants can encounter interactive sessions, attend talks, visit art and, perhaps most importantly of all, engage in conversation with a truly global community.

The Decolonized AI Futures (DAIF) Space, one of many mini-festivals within MozFest, gathers together a series of 31+ workshops, discussions and art installations centered around the theme of decolonizing AI. If you are uncertain what that means - so are we! In many ways, this Space is born out of posing these questions: What does it mean to decolonize Artificial Intelligence (AI), why does AI need decolonizing and what does this entail?

These are not inquiries that have easy answers. These are simply the way our Space has chosen to open the conversation. For a more detailed discussion, get to know more about our Guiding Principles and some resources and links that inspired us to begin our Space.

Session Sneak Peeks

We are excited to be joined by people all over the world, and specifically voices from the Global Majority, to discuss if a future of decolonized AI is possible and how we can get there together.

Here is just a small taste of the many interactive and creative get-togethers, skillshares, and social events studying current AI research that the DAIF team is excited about:

  • Decolonizing AI: Developing Data-driven Tools, Techniques, and Methodologies with Historically Marginalized Communities. This workshop will foster conversations on decolonizing AI to go beyond evidence-based historical data to construct intelligence in data science.
  • African Women in Artificial Intelligence Project. This discussion aims to spark conversation about Artificial Intelligence and Gender Equality in Africa.
  • Rebuilding Networks Around Indigenous Knowledge Systems. This discussion firstly aims to make room for networks of indigenous participants and facilitators to share views about their diverse forms of narrative and sciences. The second aim is to enrich the discussion in times of reconnecting and revaluing our ways to intertwine knowledge and nature.

In our Space, you will also find amazing art sessions! We are excited to be at the stage where we will reflect on AI and its political, cultural, economic, and affective implications in the Reclaiming AI Futures event. In addition to this, we are also looking forward to the Decolonising Open Data: Perspectives from India art installation which will consist of interviews at the intersection of open data, contextualization, and/or indigenous sovereignty.

Are you ready to join us? Get all the details and more about all our sessions here.

What To Look Forward To In Our Decolonized AI Futures Space

Our Space commences with a 90-minute Space event that serves as a day zero event for the Space on the first day of MozFest. To kick off the Space activities, the Space Wranglers desire to foster a meaningful dialogue on how to decolonize the development, usage and understanding of AI. The event will be hosted virtually on the MozFest social platforms, and. is open to all MozFest participants who are interested in convening to discuss what decolonizing AI means to them.

During the Mozilla Festival, participants will be prompted to express their understanding of decolonizing AI issues through various media (including text, pictures, videos, gifs) on a shared platform. The areas for concentration include the following questions: How could there be more AI research by individuals and groups outside the Western world? How does this impact our lives around the world? How can the global majority be equally included in AI policy and consumption? The product of this activity will be shared as one of our Space outcomes at the end of MozFest.

The event will also feature lightning talks hosted by Decolonized AI Futures Space session facilitators in order to raise awareness about their sessions among the MozFest participants. Participants are invited to get sneak peeks into the amazing sessions that will be hosted in the Space throughout the festival.

So, What Next?

If you want to be part of interactive sessions, workshops and art exhibitions in which you can discuss and work towards building a decolonized AI Future, check out the program and get your ticket now!

Let’s keep the conversation going! You can join our Slack open channel #decolonized-ai-futures to discuss any questions you might have. Should you need any further information, please contact us at [email protected].

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