Last year we launched the Common Voice Language Reps as an avenue for Common Voice contributors, to closely engage with the Common Voice Product Team via monthly engagements.

Our discussions ranged from evaluating our proposals for Reward, Enablement and Recognition to platform changes to reflect variants of languages.

In our evaluation, a member shared that being part of the council " increased my awareness of the value of language technologies for the revitalization of minority languages” and another member also benefited from contributing to their PhD programme.

You should consider applying to be part of our second cohort if;

  • Enjoy contributing to open source projects with social goals
  • Connected with Common Voice contributors and like to advocate for your's and their language experience
  • Would like to learn from other language communities on Common Voice

Increased my awareness of the value of language technologies for the revitalization of Minority Language

Former langauge Rep

Common Voice Language Rep responsibilities and support

  • CV-Reps provide regular feedback on community strategy implementation and the product roadmap
  • CV-reps get early notifications and important updates by email each week from the Community Manager
  • CV-Reps support the creation of communal resources and peer-learning
  • The term of a CVR member is 9 months, with one rep per a language
  • CVRs meet all together every month for at least 1 hour to discuss an open agenda. Meetings can be recorded with the consent of members and hosted on airmozilla.
  • Meeting twice across to ensure sessions are accessible for people’s schedules and timezones

Please note that this is a voluntary role.

Meetings will be hosted in English, we hope to develop translations of the recorded sessions.

If you have any questions please reach out to me via [email protected] or comment on our discourse post

All the best with your application :)

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